First Look: Mysteries of Pittsburgh

Queerty sometimes envisions itself in a nice cardigan knit sweater chatting up queer theory with a bunch of doe-eyed college freshman, which, we wholeheartedly admit quickly leads to terrible pornographic thoughts, which is why we’re so excited or the upcoming adaptation of Michael Chabon’s Mysteries of Pittsburgh. For those of you who have sworn off books, Michale Chabon is the sorta straight, but loves to write about gay topics and bisexuality even though he’s married author who penned The Wonder Boys (the movie adaption featured Tobey Maguire and Robert Downey Jr. sleeping together) and who writes all of Details‘ gay culture stories. Mysteries of Pittsburgh is about a young artsy dude (read: Michael Chabon) who falls for a straight rich couple during one crayyyzy summer. Watch the trailer after the jump.