First Maine, Now Iowa Is Getting All Up In NOM’s Sphincter


For an organization that’s so hell bent on sticking to one set of rules, it appears the National Organization for Marriage has no problem violating another.

Two states where NOM is getting all active-y — Maine and Iowa — are both looking into the group’s finances. NOM has regularly been accused of illegally funneling money into various states for political agendas, which is easy to do when you hide the tax forms you’re legally required to release. Leading the charge is Californians Against Hate, which has been all over NOM since its formation in 2007. Now it’s convinced Maine, and now Iowa, that the group needs some serious looking into for possibly violating campaign finance laws, which govern how money can be collected, spent, and necessary disclosures.

But while groups like Californians Against Hate play by the rules, and get these states’ authorities involved, it appears nothing is truly impeding NOM’s activities. They’ve learned how to cover their trail well enough so far, so make no mistake: a formal inquiry from two states ethics committees isn’t going to stop ’em.

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  • schlukitz

    This has consistently been our problem.

    We play by the rules. The other side doesn’t!

  • Chitown Kev


    That and we always play defense. Never offense. We always react to what these bigots do.

  • schlukitz

    @Chitown Kev:

    True. And you know what the old saying on that issue is…

    “The best defense, is a good offense”.

    And that is precisely the field these bigots are playing…the offensive.

    If we ever expect to win, it is obvious that we need to change our strategy and put them on the defensive as they have so successfully done with us.

  • LdChino

    Your opponents are liars and cheats and … they all have office addresses.

    Rather than bemoan an obviously oppressive state of affairs, why not take advantage of the few rights you do have and pay your oppressors a visit?

    At their offices.

    Isn’t that what offices are for? For visits?

    Good grief.

    It’s not as if you’d be barging in on someone at home. We all have the right to show up at Brian’s or Maggie’s or anyone else’s place of business for the purpose of making a lawful request. There’s a reason we call them “office hours” …

    In any case, NOM’s Brian Brown chairs multiple tax-exempt orgs that have yet to disclose their tax returns. For instance … Common Sense America. It’s an org that NOM paid handsomely for consulting work back in 2007. An org under Brian Brown’s control. Under Federal law, we are ALL entitled – gay, straight, black, white, male, female – to show up and request to see Common Sense America’s tax returns.

    The reason why Brian hasn’t yet made Common Sense America’s returns available seems pretty obvious. He’s gambling that his opponents don’t care or know enough about their rights to bother making the trek to his office.

    What does it take for some random hero from the LGBT community to find the courage to risk a trespassing charge and refuse to leave NOM’s offices until Brian produces Common Sense America’s Form 990s?

    You want your opponents to begin playing by the rules, but you seem worried about offending the ref who’s allowing them to steal the game. We all know the rules. Brian knows the rules. It’s time to either find a new ref or step up and be the ref.

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    others have said it already, and I absolutely believe that we need a state-wide campaign here in Iowa on the offensive about why civil marriage rights are important to us, what they mean to us 9without using religious language, but the straight facts and personal experiences), as well as demonstrably pointing out their lies and subterfuge using their own words in commercials, etc. But, the hateful things that this woman is saying (such as her appearance of the Dr. Phil show) are disgusting.

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