First Maine, Now Iowa Is Getting All Up In NOM’s Sphincter


For an organization that’s so hell bent on sticking to one set of rules, it appears the National Organization for Marriage has no problem violating another.

Two states where NOM is getting all active-y — Maine and Iowa — are both looking into the group’s finances. NOM has regularly been accused of illegally funneling money into various states for political agendas, which is easy to do when you hide the tax forms you’re legally required to release. Leading the charge is Californians Against Hate, which has been all over NOM since its formation in 2007. Now it’s convinced Maine, and now Iowa, that the group needs some serious looking into for possibly violating campaign finance laws, which govern how money can be collected, spent, and necessary disclosures.

But while groups like Californians Against Hate play by the rules, and get these states’ authorities involved, it appears nothing is truly impeding NOM’s activities. They’ve learned how to cover their trail well enough so far, so make no mistake: a formal inquiry from two states ethics committees isn’t going to stop ’em.