First Openly Gay News Anchor Put Out to Pasture?

randypriceRandy Price, an anchor at Boston’s WHDH for twelve year and the country’s first openly gay news anchor is leaving, but conflicting accounts between him and the station on to who decided to say, “Goodbye”, leaves us (and others) thinking he was given the old heave-ho.

The Boston Herald reports that while the station said this:

“This is what he wanted to do…It was his decision. He’s been a terrific newscaster and he’s a good friend of mine and all I can do is wish him well.”

Prince’s take was this:

“Obviously, it’s their decision. While I was certainly a little stunned, I understood it very well. Am I disappointed? Yeah.”

Which doesn’t sound much like a guy who made his own decision, does it?

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  • blake

    A lot of older anchors who make big salaries are getting fired around the country. It sucks.

  • Shamrock70

    Being from Boston, he went from being #1 in his timeslot to #3. If anything, they treated him the same way they would have treated anyone.

    They stuck with him through personal issues with alcohol and made him their an anchor in their most popular timeslots.

    Let’s not go on a witch hunt or look for racism where there is none. As Blake said, it is happening all around the country regardless of sex, race, orientation, etc. It is just the way the news business is going.

    Sensationalize much?

  • Jason

    Channel 7 has for years been one of the most shrewd stations in Boston. They cut anyone as soon as there’s a dip in ratings. It was inevitable it would someday end this way, but Price had a good decade-long run.

    Randy Price was honestly the only reason to watch that station–which is mostly sensationalist garbage. Hopefully he finds a new home somewhere more respectable.

  • Darth Paul

    @blake: Yes. It’s because they feel they need ‘new’ (re: youngish and perky), sexy mouthpieces in order to compete for ratings. Good news and reporting alone isn’t enough anymore.

    I’d rather have a old but educated anchor instead of the vapid and vacuous toothpaste model.

  • nobody

    He was fired. He was interviewed by Emily Rooney tonight. Very interesting viewing. The video will be posted some time tomorrow at

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