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First Oprah, Now Tyra Banks? All Our Daytime Chat Divas Are Quitting Television!


We already knew Oprah was going to upset the natural course of the universe by ending her television show in 2011, but now Tyra Banks is also throwing cosmic destiny to the wind, announcing she, too, will shut down her eponymous chat fest this season in Spring 2010. But what about our theory?!

Yes, our theory that blacks and gays (and all people of color?) rule television talk. We’re losing two mainstays — Oprah after 25 seasons, and Tyra after five — to our Pythagayrean Theorem. Well, it’s still in tact. With Oprah and Tyra exiting the scene, we’ve still got Ellen, Wanda, George, and the upcoming Nate Berkus show to hold things down. (Also making room on the daytime slate? Straight white lady Bonnie Hunt, whose show was axed earlier this month.) There’s also that Carson Kressley vehicle on Lifetime that may or may not still be around.

So why is Tyra quitting now? Maybe because she has too many other projects to stay sane — she will continue hosting her drag queen modeling show — or maybe it’s because Oprah anointed Ellen DeGeneres, and not Tyra, as her natural successor.

Either way, there’s nobody who will be able to fill Tyra’s shoes when it comes to taking gay demons — and self-hating gays — head on.

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  • terrwill

    Uggh! you had to remind me of that self hating little queen
    with the magic marker make believe goatee……..

  • JRD

    TerrWill – best part of this article is your comment!

  • Jake the libertarian

    I am pretty sure Tyra might be retarded. Maybe the dumbest human being who ever lived.

    But hey, I am just one fag.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    She’s loosing money…

  • terrwill

    No. 2 · JRD: TYVM!

  • terrwill

    She got so damm giddy that one single talking head said that she may be the “new Oprah” that she forgot to get her own Gayle, wait another 20 years and bank a bizzilion dollars prior to being the retiring type!!

  • LukasP

    Ta Ta Tyra. Not an irreplaceable loss for TV talkland. She never seemed to ‘get’ the idea that interviewing people is very hard work–she’d ask good questions but have little idea what to do once they were answered. She may not have been able to gather a wide enough audience of homeschooling moms or the bored unemployed . The fifty fifth show dedicated to “problem hair” was the last straw for me and my crew. Her Mom was her best guest.

    While we’re at it, could someone please encourage ever-so-sanctimonious Dr. “Big Boy” Phil to follow the others out the door? Ever since his “diet book” and “weightloss products” became the source of material–and income–for comedians–and attorneys–everywhere, he seems almost as fraudulent as Tyra’s hair.

  • terrwill

    If you really want to see classic WTF tv check out the
    Wendy Williams show, that bitch is Mayor of crazy town!
    (in a good way!!)

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