First Reviews Of Madonna’s MDNA Are In: Brilliantly Weird Dark Dance Pop

We’re loving “Give Me All Your Luvin’,” the first single off Madge’s new album, MDNA. But what about the other tracks?

The Guardian did a song-by-song review of the 16 mostly dance tunes on the album. Some highlights:

“Gang Bang”: Big throbbing industrial-tinged beats, spoken word verses, no real chorus, just a ridiculous collection of sound effects (police sirens, gunshots) and imposing menace that’s actually pretty fun in a kind of slightly unhinged way… Lyrically it’s a twisted revenge fantasy rather than a sordid romp, closing with the line: “If you’re going to drive like a bitch then you’re going to die like a bitch.”

“I’m Addicted”: “I need to dance,” Madonna trills over squiggly synth squelches and a beat that morphs into a fairly ridiculous Calvin Harris-esque breakdown. By the end she’s chanting “M-D-N-A”, which you imagine might be shouted back at her by some fairly large crowds come summer.

“I Don’t Give A” (feat. Nicki Minaj): Brilliantly odd. Opening with a bang, literally, it goes on to morph into an America Life-style rap (no wait, come back) that features a list of things Madonna has to do (“meet the press … sign the contract”). The industrial beats soon make way for spooky chants and out of nowhere Minaj pops up, finishing her rap with “there’s only one Queen and that’s Madonna, bitch.”

Check out more collected reviews here.

Click through for the videos of 3 MDNA songs that have already been released. First up, the lyric video for “Girl Gone Wild”:

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  • mattsy

    hated GAYL & GGW is slowly growing on me-very slowly
    plus the remixes so far have SUCKED BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will always love Madonna but FAIL

  • Jake

    From the previews I’ve heard it appears Give Me All Your Luvin was the weakest track, why was that shit released as a single when everything else sounds pretty awesome? Turn Up the Radio will be a summer anthem

  • Spike

    Sounds like just about everything you hear around 4:30 AM at any gay after hours club..

    It would appear that the entire album is going to be just a bunch of songs that won’t
    need to be remixed and totally forgettable.

  • Tommy

    Sounds great. She always makes great records except for Hard Candy! She makes terrible movies, but great music.

    Spike, what do you expect her to do? Every artist has their chosen genre that they do best and hers is dance. Not all dance songs sound the same. That just shows your ignorance. And her songs are still pop, they’re not like club remixes at all.

  • Unfortunately

    I agree Spike, it’s not that good and her music sucks compared to Gaga and MIA. She just wishes she could have an actual gang bang and actually be shocking which is something that’s never happened. Your career is dead Vadge, give it up we don’t care anymore since your music sucks.

  • Ryan

    Attitude has the most ass kissing reviews for house divas so you can’t depend on them for a partial review. Actually all early reviews where probably given to pubs that would get exclusives first listen in exchange for positive reviews and the rest are under embargo ’till later. Wait until after the album is released and then check Metacritic for the real

  • Franco

    I’m sure it’s great. She seems to put a lot of energy into creating her music, and I respect that.

  • Tyson

    Franco, please she does not put any energy at all in creating what’s called “music” she’s a Diva and a pop singer and nothing more than that.

  • ~PR~

    @Unfortunately: speak for yourself… there are no drones here!

  • Rockery

    FAIL. Time for retirement. Her stuff has been pretty bad for a while now. The new single is veryyy bad

  • dave

    I love the previews and he singles so far MDNA is going to rock. For all the haters keep doing your job It must really suck to be you I mean not being able to enjoy music(form whoever)without being nasty must be hard.

  • Will-B

    I usually like her music but im not impressed with these previews. Maybe the cd will wow me . I really think that she should have taken a chance and worked with artists like robyn and producers like the cataracts and the key of arrows. All of these snippets just sound the same.

  • Lazycrockett

    @dave: When the second sentence is bout those “haters” your grasping. The orbit stuff is average, the lyrics through out are pathetic. Oh of course “you don’t listen to madonna for meaningful lyrics, just for fun.”, which is understandable if you’re 14 and grooving to Katy Perry. A 50 something experienced woman should have more to say than,

    “Girls they just wanna have some fun,
    Get fired up like smokin’ gun,
    On the floor til the daylight comes,
    Girls they just wanna have some fun…”

    oh and btw Cyndi called.

  • brian

    Somehow, I don’t think Madonna has had her heart in this stage of her career. She comes across as indifferent. Her new music is your typical computer-generated noise that comes from pushing buttons.

  • Adult jobs

    I dont see the passion she use to have.

  • Bryan

    When GMAYL came out, the reviews were mostly good till it turned out it was mediocre, so I actually wonder if those reviews are based on the merit of the tracks themselves or the fact that they’re attached to the name- Madonna


    I have heard the album and it is incredible. Madonna slays Gaga. Read the London Times article about Madonna outshadowing Gaga oncce again.

  • Xavier

    Gmayl was only written to appease the corporate heads for the NFL and to bring Madonna back into the limelight. That song should rather have been a bonus track, also the remixes are to ravey / trancey and not very danceable. I’m sure GGW remixes would fit the mould way better as will the remixes to bang bang and turn up the radio. There’s also talk about remixes for masterpiece which would be awesome!
    As for looking at the bigger picture, I thick the songs on the album will make an awesome setlist for the concert – which is the primary reason going on tour as that is where the big bucks are to be made. Hell, I’m flying all the way to the UK from South Africa to party with her on 40th birthday – than you Madonna!
    it’s gonne be mind blowing. As an old school Madonna fan, I would love to hear updated versions of “pretender” and “stay” on this tour as part of the setlist, amoungst many others.
    All we need to do now is be grateful that we are blessed to have a new Madonna album and stop bitching which artist is better in the music industry. Katy, Gaga, Kylie Ect Ect all have their own uniqueness to bring to the party and one should stop comparing them to each, enjoy them for what they have to offer us, but Madoona remains the greatest of them all.

  • Wiibaron

    Listen to the Dave Aude Club Mix of Girl Gone Wild. OR the Alejandro King mix of Give Me All Your Luvin. Suckage Over!

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