First Reviews Of Madonna’s MDNA Are In: Brilliantly Weird Dark Dance Pop

We’re loving “Give Me All Your Luvin’,” the first single off Madge’s new album, MDNA. But what about the other tracks?

The Guardian did a song-by-song review of the 16 mostly dance tunes on the album. Some highlights:

“Gang Bang”: Big throbbing industrial-tinged beats, spoken word verses, no real chorus, just a ridiculous collection of sound effects (police sirens, gunshots) and imposing menace that’s actually pretty fun in a kind of slightly unhinged way… Lyrically it’s a twisted revenge fantasy rather than a sordid romp, closing with the line: “If you’re going to drive like a bitch then you’re going to die like a bitch.”

“I’m Addicted”: “I need to dance,” Madonna trills over squiggly synth squelches and a beat that morphs into a fairly ridiculous Calvin Harris-esque breakdown. By the end she’s chanting “M-D-N-A”, which you imagine might be shouted back at her by some fairly large crowds come summer.

“I Don’t Give A” (feat. Nicki Minaj): Brilliantly odd. Opening with a bang, literally, it goes on to morph into an America Life-style rap (no wait, come back) that features a list of things Madonna has to do (“meet the press … sign the contract”). The industrial beats soon make way for spooky chants and out of nowhere Minaj pops up, finishing her rap with “there’s only one Queen and that’s Madonna, bitch.”

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Click through for the videos of 3 MDNA songs that have already been released. First up, the lyric video for “Girl Gone Wild”:


“Girl Gone Wild”


“Masterpiece” (from W.E)


“Give Me All Your Luvin'”