First This Out High School Athlete Was Harassed, Now He’s Been Removed From The Yearbook

11084325_770685209694135_245859526_n.0.0-360x240A gay high school basketball player who has been the victim of harassment both in and outside of school has now been dealt the blow of being omitted from the team’s yearbook spread.

Dalton Maldonado made news earlier this year after enduring a terrible ordeal of homophobia at a Kentucky basketball tournament after he’d come out as gay.

As Dalton’s team boarded the bus, the opposing team shouted “faggot,” egging him to come out and face them. Several players even followed the bus as it made its way back to the hotel — something his coach and tournament officials didn’t take lightly.

His school administration claimed the incident never happened, despite multiple eyewitness accounts saying otherwise.

Now OutSports reports that school officials have gone one step further by removing the graduating senior from the yearbook.

Below, see the two-page spread in which Dalton is the only player left out:


It seems the administration has even more to answer for now.

Luckily for Dalton, he’s off to the University of Louisville next year, where he’ll likely find a more inclusive atmosphere.

But for current and future students at Betsy Lane High School in rural Kentucky, this treatment can’t stand.

h/t: OutSports