First To Go…

John McCain yesterday criticized political opponent Barack Obama‘s speech in Berlin, saying, “I would rather speak at a rally or a political gathering any place outside of the country after I am president of the United States… But that’s a judgment that Sen. Obama and the American people will make.” McCain must be forgetting his speech in Canada last June. [MSNBC]

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  • Brandon

    of course he forgot about his speech in canada, it would get in the way of him criticizing obama

  • Lost

    Please, he’s upset because he can’t even get a crowd of ants to stop and listen.

  • Bob R

    McCain is thinking ahead. Canada is only temporarily outside the U.S. Once he’s POTUS, Canada will annexed along with Mexico. That is once the wars in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan are won.

  • Jenna's Bush

    Old people forget a lot.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Even my Republican cousin agrees that McCain is getting further and further out into the atmosphere.

  • Jude

    He came to give a speech up here and I wasn’t there to boo him off the stage? So unfair.

  • todd

    The Bushes want Magoo to fail miserably, so they can run Jeb in 2012 as the Savior of the GOP! They care only about the Bush Brand, not the GOP…

  • bneubaum

    John McCain will say whatever he has to to win.

  • Dilroy

    The real show is watching how strained Obama is when he tries to deny the surge worked because he doesn’t want to give McCain/Bush credit for anything positive because if he does it undermines his entire political justification for being.

    I’d have more respect for him if he had the integrity to give credit where credit is due. This is all ego and I for one have had 7 years too much of that.

  • Mr C


    We need to be out of IRAQ any DAMN way!


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