First Tourists Convicted Of “Gay Progaganda” Banned From Russia For Three Years

vladimir_putin_01The first foreign tourists charged under Russia’s draconian “gay propaganda law” have been banned from the country for three years. Whatever will they do with themselves?

The four Dutch citizens were in the northern city of Murmansk filming a documentary about Russia’s spate of anti-gay laws, though they claimed they were there to “acquaint themselves with Russian culture.” That little White Russian lie led the Russian Federal Migration Service to blacklist them from the country.

“The Federal Migration Service has banned the citizens of Holland from entering the country for three years, as the declaration of their purpose of stay in the Russian Federation did not correspond to what they were doing,” it said in a statement obtained by Gay Star News.

In addition to the ban, the tourists were also charged a whopping 3000 ruble fine — which translates to about $93.

After being arrested and questioned for eight hours, the four Dutchmen were told by police they would go on trial the following day, though their court date was postponed and subsequently canceled due to “administrative error.”

The court may still consider the trial, however, once it gets its administrative shit together — but as a consolation prize, the cops confiscated and are refusing to release the filmmakers’ footage.