First Tourists Convicted Of “Gay Progaganda” Banned From Russia For Three Years

vladimir_putin_01The first foreign tourists charged under Russia’s draconian “gay propaganda law” have been banned from the country for three years. Whatever will they do with themselves?

The four Dutch citizens were in the northern city of Murmansk filming a documentary about Russia’s spate of anti-gay laws, though they claimed they were there to “acquaint themselves with Russian culture.” That little White Russian lie led the Russian Federal Migration Service to blacklist them from the country.

“The Federal Migration Service has banned the citizens of Holland from entering the country for three years, as the declaration of their purpose of stay in the Russian Federation did not correspond to what they were doing,” it said in a statement obtained by Gay Star News.

In addition to the ban, the tourists were also charged a whopping 3000 ruble fine — which translates to about $93.

After being arrested and questioned for eight hours, the four Dutchmen were told by police they would go on trial the following day, though their court date was postponed and subsequently canceled due to “administrative error.”

The court may still consider the trial, however, once it gets its administrative shit together — but as a consolation prize, the cops confiscated and are refusing to release the filmmakers’ footage.

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  • sfbeast

    We need to boycott the winter Olympics in Russia.

  • Ottoman

    As Queerty continues to partner with and promote a vodka part owned by the Russian government.

  • MK Ultra

    Spread the word, people. Get on your Facebooks and post the pics of Pride Parades held in Russia and the ensuing violence. Post pictures of the literal Nazis that march in the streets. I’m not sure too many outside the LGBT community know the extent of the horror that goes on in Russia.

  • Kangol

    This level of hate–banning people for allegedly “promoting” the humanity of other human beings–really defies description. Putin and the Russian Parliament should suffer the consequences with a worldwide boycott, of their Olympics and everything else having to do with the Russian state. There’s no excuse for this crap whatsoever. None.

  • Eiswirth

    Every gay athlete and every gay-friendly athlete should back out of the games and tell Putin to go fuck himself. Major sponsors should do the same. Let the B-squad duke it out for the medals. This modern-day Stalin needs to know we don’t have to partake in his sick vision of a safe world.

  • Mkiel

    Not only should everyone whether athlete or spectator boycott the Games but also all travel to Russia & products from them.

  • Nikkidane

    I agree that every freedom loving individual in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe needs to boycott travel to Russia until they reverse their draconian treatment of LGBT people. I can not imagine what a PR blunder this is for Russia with an upcoming Olympics that depends on tourists and media coverage for financial success. Screw them in whatever way we can. Turn off the TV channels that are showing Olympic events. Use Social Media to spread the word about their outrageous treatment for LGBT people. We also need to do the same for Jamaica and other Caribbean countries that are equally as homophobic and transphobic. Avoid patronizing cruise companies and resorts that continue to support these Hell Holes of an excuse for civilization. Travel and support LGBT friendly cities and countries.

  • ChiChi Man

    @Nikkidane: Thank you. Every day, the news coming out of Russia gets worse. The violence and persecution of LGBT people is escalating and the world is ignoring it. Boycott Russia. Boycott Jamaica and any nation that sanctions violence against LGBT people.

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