Fittingly, Satre Atones For His Gay Sins


It’s been a little while since we checked in on Tully Satre, The Advocate‘s fagling diarist. Last time, we heard from him, he had posted a harangue at the wave of so-called bisexuality spreading among him classmates.

Well, it seem he got a lot of flack from that piece, and now he’s come out not so much to defend himself as to make himself out to be the ultimate gay martry. With guilt-inducing venom, he bemoans:

Last year, my junior year of high school, which is also known as the cardinal year in high school, I knowingly allowed my grades to slip. I went from having a solid 3.5 GPA to becoming a C student in most of my classes.

I did it for you, the person reading this article. I did it for the kid I met 15 minutes ago down the road who was kicked out of his house because he came out as bisexual to his single mother…I probably will not make it into my dream school. I have probably hindered my career in theater. But you know what? I. Don’t. Care.

Hmm, while we’re all about people fighting the good fight, maybe Satre would be better off balancing his equations rather than nailing himself to a cross. But, that’s just us.