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Five Black LGBTQ Blogs You Need To Start Reading ASAP

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Let’s face it, the blogosphere, even the queer sliver, could use a bit more…flavor.

So, here are some black LGBTQ blogs that are certain to bring more spice into your online life. These online spaces run the gamut from celebrity gossip to opinion to vlogging, and there’s something for everyone here.

Take a look at a few of our faves below. Tell them Queerty sent you.


The G-List Society goes beyond blogging and gossip to explore different themes within the black gay/SGL community. They also break news from time to time, like when they obtained the full video of that alleged Dallas BBQ “gay bashing” from last year and exposed some troubling racial politics behind the accusations.

Also, blogger Waddie G. isn’t afraid to court controversy with his posts. Need proof? Check out 6 Ignorant Comments Gay Men Must Stop Saying To Gay Men Who Lost Weight or Classifying 6 Types Of Gay Black Bi/Gay/SGL Men Who Date White Men. Our guess is that those titles alone made you feel some type of way, and that’s the point. Those conversations continue on the Facebook page, and they can get heated.

Yes, the gossip is still here because bloggers need to spill the tea to grease the wheels, and The G-List Society features exclusive interviews with the likes of The Next 15 star Karamo Brown (who says that Don Lemon “needs to get his s*it together) and a video interview with Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star Milan Christopher. The YouTube page is full of video of fashion shows, interviews, and everything in between. If you weren’t aware of The G-List Society – now you are. So go.


Mused Magazine Online

Mused Magazine Online is more of a thoughtful space for young black gay men than a sexed-up gay gossip site or even a place for news, and that’s fine with us. There are pieces about culture and lifestyle here, but the site leans heavily on opinion pieces that show the diversity of thought from the contributors from across the U.S., some of whom are still in their college years.

Pieces like Tongues Untied: The Contemporary Uplifting Of Black Gay Men’s Culture and Struggle In San Francisco: Being Black And Gay In The Bay should definitely clue you in to the fact that this is not your average online space. Honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Some of the pieces require more work from the reader than most of us are accustomed to from our online content, and a space like this isn’t for everyone, but it’s a bullseye for a very specific target.


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Though they’re technically more vloggers than bloggers, The Scorpion Show has become a must-watch for all things regarding black music, entertainment, and pop culture. I mean, the guys did an interview with Brandy while she played Roxie Hart on Broadway in Chicago. So, yeah, they got that juice.

Kevin and Makael talk about, well, everything. You’re just as likely to see them opining about the racist-leaning atmosphere at Donald Trump rallies as you are to see them weighing in on #OscarsSoWhite and Chris Rock’s performance hosting the show. Versatility is key, and with over 70 million views, they must be doing something right. Head to their YouTube page and make them your new friends in your head.


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If categories like Morning Meat and That’s Gay intrigue you, then Ronald Matters is speaking your language. This blog isn’t classy. This blog doesn’t break news. This blog is just a funny and shady read of everything that goes on in entertainment and black LGBT culture. Ronald Matters would like you to know 11 Jack’d Picture Shenanigans That We’re Tired Of  and he does his Instagram research to give you 14 Ass-Tastic Backshots For Your Morning Session.

Like we said: classy it ain’t, but funny it is. And, yes, we couldn’t help but click on 17 Eggplant Friday Pictures To Get Your Morning Jumpin and we bet you will too. We will say that the blog has a lot of good information and coverage of community HIV/AIDS initiatives too, so there’s something besides shade and sex to get you to stop by.


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Funky Dineva parlayed a viral video into a thriving blog, and we’re not mad at all. He’s the friend in our head whose voice instantly comes up when we’re watching bad reality TV (which happens more often than we’d like to admit) or listening to albums from faded R&B divas who’ll most likely never see the top of any chart again (which pretty much happens on a daily basis). His videos are legendary. The shade is real.

He’s also been caught up in a bit of rumor/gossip/drama of his own lately, which makes us that more intrigued about what he’s up to. The line between celebrity and blogger/vlogger is getting more blurred by the moment, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t enthralled by this drama of alleged drug addictions, late rent payments, and general messiness between Dineva and fellow blogger ATLien. You can catch up on all of that here and here.

Dineva just started his 32 city How To Be A Rich White Woman Tour which is a live comedic masterclass/parody (we think) that promises to teach people how to “earn a living while doing what you love.” If people are ponying up $100 for that well, then…the hustle is real, my friends. We’ll just stick to the videos for now.