Five Great Gay Books To Give Your Dad For Father’s Day Presents

One Body
By John Irving

What It’s About: The story is centered around a bisexual man attracted to men, women, and transgender women. So while there may not be a traditional father-son plot point, it certainly explores ideas surrounding masculinity and gender.

Daddy Quotient: Irving has told strange tales of fathers or the fatherless, but this one is more personal. He recently explained in a discussion with fellow author and friend Edmund White that he was partially driven to write the book for his son, Everett having a gay son made me want to write this novel sooner rather than later; I remember wishing that Everett could read In One Person while he was still in his late teens or early twenties.” So think of it as a gift from a father to a son.


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  • NateB79

    I have to say thank you Queerty. I myself find it pretty hard to locate decent fiction geared towards gay men other than during pride month. It will be great to have a regular place to locate new books and recommend a few that I’ve read. Thanks again!

  • Perry Brass

    Thanks for the list, we always love lists. I of course being an author of some repute would, in ALL fairness, have to add my new novel King of Angels, which is about a close, almost passionate relationship between a Jewish father and his half-Jewish possibly gay son. King of Angels takes place in Savannah, GA in 1963, during the turbulent Kennedy years, the period of Mad Men when the times were definitely a-changing. You can look inside the book with this link:

  • Ray Hill

    You are not recommending a single book about significant changes in our political
    status: Where is “Flagrant Conduct” the story of the most important Supreme Court Case in our history or any of several biographies about GLBT movement pioneers. I suppose being GLBT is just about the party and not about the seeking equality stuff…

  • Triple S

    @Ray Hill: Get over yourself, princess. We don’t have to be raving about ‘EQUAL RIGHTS!’ every damn second of the day, you know. We, too, can also just relax and focus on a book with LGBT themes.

    Jesus, and I thought I was a bit uptight.

  • Ray Hill

    Okay so this group is just about party queens. I must have made a wrong turn. How do I get off this sick train?

  • MikeE

    @Ray Hill: I don’t see anything particularly aimed at “party queens” in this list of books. a few may be on the light side, but then, what’s wrong with that?

    The only thing I find mildly amusing is that Queerty, who have such a terrible time with editing and proof reading their articles, should have a “literary” column. It is almost ironic.

  • James M. Martin

    The plot you describe cries out for movie treatment. What fantastic parts and dialogue potential!

  • Ralph DeMattia

    @NateB79: You only read books by gay authors? My, aren’t you open-minded. And just how do you tell a gay author? I’m sure I’ve read books and articles by gay authors and don’t recall liking or disliking their thoughts because they were gay. A you call hereos bigoted. That’s funny.

  • Ralph DeMattia

    @Triple S: You only read books by gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender authors? How do you feel about Pedophile, Serial killer, or Hetero-bashing authors?

  • Perry Brass

    @NateB79: Thanks, Nate. Despite all the other crap some guy seems to want to heap on you, I’m glad you’re reading gay books, and want to keep on reading them.

  • Perry Brass

    @James M. Martin: Thanks, James. I wasn’t sure if you were addressing this to me, and I just saw the email today. But sure, I am looking for any way I can bring it to the attention of filmmakers. You can learn more about King of Angels at or at its Facebook “like” page. Perry

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