Fifty shades of Grey

Five Reasons Why Christian Grey Is Our Wildest Fantasy

In case you are living in a cave, Fifty Shades of Grey premieres Friday night. Among other things, we’re dying to see Jamie Dornan strip down and slip into some BDSM gear on the big screen.

The hetero hero is a gay fave for his smooth talking, suave personality. And we suspect, given his radical notions in the bedroom, that he’s at least mildly bi-curious. In other other words, he wouldn’t be necessarily be opposed to getting freaky with another guy in the right circumstances.

Check out these five reasons why Christian Grey is a gay man’s wildest fantasy…


5. He’s as kinky as we are.

Christian Grey’s whole thing is that he likes to play rough. In fact, he has a whole “playroom” is his mansion dedicated solely to housing kinky gear.


4. He’s rich as hell.

Who doesn’t love a successful entrepreneur? In addition to owning a multimillion dollar company, Christian Grey lives in a kick ass crib and rides around in a private helicopter for fun. Oh, and he’s not 30 yet.


3. His name is Christian, but he’s got his sexual morals right.

Mr. Grey has lived on the wild side ever since losing his virginity to one of his mother’s friends when he was 15. He lives by his own rules and he’s not ashamed of it.


2. He’s stylish

Of course, one can’t be a young business magnate without looking the part. (Mark Zuckerberg anyone?) When he’s not naked in his playroom, Mr. Grey is sporting the latest designer threads. The man knows how to dress. Which could be why his mother suspected he was gay. Until she walked in one him having sex with Ana, that is.


1. He’s played by Jamie Dornan

‘Nuff said

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