Five Things Obama Should Say In His State Of The Union Address But Probably Won’t

obamaPresident Obama goes before Congress tonight to give his State of the Union address, a long-winded laundry list of policy wishes punctuated by partisan applause or the occasional loony Representative. The fact that basketball player Jason Collins will be among the select guests suggests that Obama is going to have something to say about LGBT issues, using Collins as a human prop.

Exactly what the president will say remains to be seen. But Queerty would like to suggest five things we would dearly love to hear Obama talk about in the speech, but that the president will likely never say.

The Supreme Court didn’t go far enough on marriage equality. The Supreme Court went as far as it felt it could getting too far ahead of public opinion. Much as I hate to disagree with my friend Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the piecemeal approach does not work. Things are moving much faster than the court anticipated, and lower courts agree. It’s time for marriage equality to be the law of the land.

Any antigay violence at the Sochi Olympics and we’re out of there. I’ve been watching the increasing attacks on the LGBT community with alarm. The U.S. will not implicitly tolerate those attacks by remaining silent during the Winter Olympics. If there is any antigay violence, directed not just at athletes and visitors but at Russian citizens, during the Games, the U.S. will end our participation in the competition.

I applaud the Republican party stand on gay issues, because it guarantees Democrats will keep winning the White House. Keep up the great work at rebranding the party, loyal opposition. You’re making sure that young people will establish a life-long habit of voting against you. Meantime, all the people you are trying to impress will keep getting older and die out, leaving you with no one. 

George W. Bush had a better international AIDS policy than I do. My predecessor left me with a crippling recession, a giant deficit and two impossible wars, but when it comes to AIDS policy, he was a better president than I am. I’ve slashed billions from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, despite its proven record of saving thousands of lives. It’s one of the biggest mistakes of my administration.

I’m okay with outing hypocrites, Aaron. I’m sorry. Did I just use my out-loud voice?