Five Tips For Getting Your Sexy On This School Year


Ah, college. Four glorious years of studying, self-discovery, and sex, with a little underage drinking, reckless spending, and recreational drug use thrown in for good measure… Not that we’re condoning (or condemning) any of those things.

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The point is: College is a time for having fun. It’s basically an extension of your teenage years without the threat of being grounded for missing curfew. And a lot of that fun, to be perfectly frank, involves getting naked with as many people as possible.

Here are five tips for getting your sexy on this school year…

Tip #1: Remember that sex is meant to be a blast!

Too many people take sex way too seriously. Sure, it can be an intimate act of love between two connected individuals. “2 Become 1” as the Spice Girls sang back before you were born. It can also be an opportunity to unleash your inner pervert and casually let off steam after a mentally-exhausting all-night study session.

Tip #2: Don’t be a fool. Wrap your tool!

According to the CDC, sexually active young people demonstrate an increased risk for contracting STDs compared to older adults. In 2014, for instance, 66 percent of all reported chlamydia cases in the U.S. were from patients under the age of 24. The good news is: avoiding STDs is pretty easy. Just go down to your school’s health services building and take a handful of free condoms from that giant bowl on the counter. While you’re there, grab a pamphlet on STD transmission. Oh, and get tested every six months.

Tip #3: Exercise discretion with those naughty photos.

Sending racy photos can be loads of fun, but remember, the internet has a very, very long memory. And dick pics have a strange way of reemerging years later. Just ask any number of the guys who had their x-rated pictures leak this past summer. If you’re going to show off your naughty bits on camera, be smart about who you send them to and what other identifying features you reveal.

Tip #4: You’re probably not going to marry your college boyfriend.

Never say never, of course, but chances are, you and that guy you’re boning in your dorm room when you’re supposed to be in Biology 101 aren’t going to be walking down the aisle together. And that’s OK! Think of your college boyfriend as a warm up act for when you meet your future husband. And, remember, practice makes perfect.

Tip #5: Just because everyone else is hooking up doesn’t mean you have to as well.

Not to toss a wrench in the machinery here, but… Even though we live in a “hookup culture,” a recent study actually found that young adults today are less sexually active than ever before. Researchers surveyed over 26,000 people and learned that 15 percent of 20- to 24-year olds reported having no sexual partners since turning 18, compared to only 6 percent of Generation X’ers when they were in their early 20s.

In other words: Do what you wanna. Or don’t do what you don’t wanna. Everyone else is. And isn’t.

Happy humping!

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