Five-Year-Old Actress Receives Death Threats After Disney’s Same-Sex Couple Debut

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.44.01 PMIn this week’s installment of America the Doomed, a deranged Instagram user threatens to kill a five-year-old actress for appearing on a television show featuring lesbian moms.

“Die Mia, Fucking Die in hell! Kill yourself, you deserve to die,” reads one of the hateful threats directed at Mia Talerico, the child actress who plays Charlie Duncan on Disney’s Good Luck Charlie. Police believe the threats are connected to the show’s January 26th episode, which showcased the network’s first ever same-sex couple.

According to police documents, another message the LAPD is taking very seriously included a photo of the five-year-old’s head covered by a bloody fist, captioned “Yes, kill you stupid bitch.”

In the episode, which was protested by One Million Moms, Charlie invites a young friend to her home for a playdate and discovers she has two lesbian moms. Although the women were only part of a one-time subplot, the network has been hailed for its positive portrayal of same-sex couples.

According to KTLA, Mia’s mother notified the police immediately, who’ve passed the case along to LAPD’s Threat Management Unit. Check out a clip from the episode below: