The Five New Faces That Emerged At The Dawn Of The DADT Repeal

Randy Phillips

Using the pseudonym “AreYouSuprised, Randy Phillips discussed his experience being gay in the military on YouTube and Twitter, while hiding his face from the camera. After the repeal of DADT took effect, he revealed himself and came out to his dad (and the entire world) on YouTube.

Before breaking the news to his pop, the young soldier asks him, “Hey, can I tell you something? Will you love me? Serious. Like, you’ll always love me as long as I’m a…?” And the entire time his father answers “yes, yes.” Yet, despite his dad’s reassurances, the young soldier looks away from his father’s voice with his brow furled in worry. Just goes to show, that no matter how tough or brave our military members are, they still need the support of the people they love.