FL Church Includes Rainbow Flag With Hanging Effigy of President Obama

We’re not positive, but we thought Jesus was love. So it’s a little hard to reconcile the message the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, was sending when it hanged President Barack Obama in effigy holding a rainbow flag on its lawn.

DWOC pastor Terry Jones explained the stunt was in response to Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage and abortion. (In the gruesome tableau, the President is holding a doll in his right hand.)

Ah, yes of course, that makes sense. Well, coming from Jones, who famously burned a copy of the Koran, it does. And let’s not forget DWOC posted a “No Homo Mayor” sign when gay candidate Craig Lowe ran for mayor of Gainsville.

As Huffington Post reports, this isn’t the first time our Commander in Chief has been denigrated this way:

In March 2010, a teacher at a failing Rhode Island school hanged an effigy of Obama in his classroom. That same month, another dummy was found hanging on Main Street in the Georgia hometown of President Jimmy Carter.

In 2009, a Kentucky grand jury refused to indict two men who hanged an Obama effigy on the campus of the University of Kentucky. The men had been charged with burglary and disorderly conduct, the latter count associated with hanging the effigy. The lawyer for the two men said that the disorderly conduct charge violated his clients’ rights under the First Amendment.

For a little more insight on “Doctor” Jones, here’s a message to America he posted on the DWOC website. (You can also learn about his church’s cult-like practices on The Smoking Gun):


Photo: DWOC

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