FL Man Arrested After Continually Returning Used Enemas To CVS

A man in Jacksonville, Florida, was making it a habit of repeatedly returning used enemas to a local CVS, according to the local sherriff’s office.

Between April and June, the man returned an unknown number of six-pack containers of enemas, which had been doctored to look unopened. Initially employees had simply reshelved the products, not realizing they had been tampered with.

In mid-June, he struck again. But this time employee Dustin McDonald realized the guy was returning a fleet of Fleet and investigated. Not only was the box he was attempting to return shoddily re-glued to make it look like it hadn’t been opened, but all the other enemas boxes on the shelf had been tampered with as well.

Despite the potential threat to the public safety, McDonald didn’t call the authorities until the “enema bandit” tried to return another box. When the Sheriff’s Department sent samples to the Department of Health, fecal matter was found—indicating the enemas had been used.

The suspect, whose name is being withheld, was arrested on an unrelated outstanding warrant and the FDA is conducting an ongoing investigation. CVS has contacted nearly two dozen people it thinks may have purchased enemas during the time the suspect was pulling his con.

As the woman in the clip above succinctly put it, “Das sick!”