FL Politician Compares Gays Looking For Job Protections To Dog Owners

Boca Raton councilman Mike Woika thinks LGBT rights are for the dogs.

Addressing why the Florida city doesn’t follow Palm Beach County’s anti-discrimination policies, Woika said, “What’s to keep other groups from wanting to be protected? How about me? I’m a pet lover. I think should be included in your anti-discrimination law. Someone who has dogs should not be discriminated against either.”

At least he didn’t bring up bestiality—at least not directly, anyway.

South Florida Gay News reports that Boca Raton’s decision to “opt out” of gender-identity and sexual-orientation protections could cost it $250,000 in contracts from Palm Beach County, which demands anyone it does business with follow the policies.


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  • JayHobeSound

    Mike Woika sure knows how to sound like a d-bag. The polite people must have migrated elsewhere – ‘polite-flight’ I’ll call it.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Jerks like Mike Woika are almost enough to make me ashamed of living in the same county as he does.

  • the other Greg

    Doesn’t Boca Raton literally mean RAT MOUTH in Spanish?

  • Charli Girl

    I just moved out of that place, what a sh-t hole! Folks driving 40 miles an hr in the left lane(and not old folks) all the houses are made of concrete exterior, (hasn’t ANYONE heard of a freaking brick house) no modern shopping
    Everything is a strip mall and they all look identical. The only nice grocery store is Publix and their HRC scores were so low, I wasn’t about to give them a dime. And everyone was mad all the time! So glad to be out of that rat hole!

    Woika fella? That boy’s a dime a dozen in that state. No gay person will lose a wink of sleep on any little opinion that boy has!! Pa leeeeze!

  • Richard

    This man Is a county employee not a elected official, organize and put pressure on the palm beach county commission also the Boca Raton mayors office no you don’t have to tolerate his retorick

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