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FL Sen. Marco Rubio: DOMA Is ‘Critical’ And Must Be Defended

I want to thank Speaker Boehner and the House Republican leadership for taking action to defend this critical law that was enacted by a bipartisan majority in Congress and signed by President Bill Clinton. It is unfortunate that President Obama decided to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act. While much of the debate in Washington is focused on creating jobs and growing our economy, we should not sit by while this administration makes profound and regrettable decisions based more upon the politics of the day than the words of our Founding Fathers. This law protects one of our most sacred institutions and because of the House’s actions today, it will be defended.

—Marco Rubio, Vanity Fair‘s Mr. November 2011 and the Republican senator from Florida who beat then-Gov. Charlie Crist for the seat, stands with his GOP brothers who want to defend DOMA if Obama & Co. won’t

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  • justiceontherocks

    I thought the tea-baggers were just concerned with government spending. That’s what they claim.

    I’m sure the GOProud folks will leap to his defense.

  • Jim Hlavac

    If the man wanted to create jobs and boost the economy he’d be FOR gay marriage — my my, the weddings, the catering, the clothes, the honeymoons in Florida! Sometimes they are just daffy folks. And Orwellian in language — “defending” marriage by allowing divorce and adultery to rip apart the sanctity with impunity, while outlawing it for a few. Not to mention delusional in concept, since not one heterosexual couple less will get married, and no one is turning gay. And it’s not even the word “marriage” that’s banned — it’s recognition of a gay relationship using any word within 100,000 words either side of marriage in the dictionary. No wonder the country is in trouble, these people can’t even think straight, ahem.

  • MikeE

    by the way, it’s is “toe” the line, not “tow”.
    how often must queerty make this mistake?

  • McMike

    Where in the f*ck did our founding forefathers make it clear they were against gay marriage? That’s odd because I could have sworn our founding forefathers made it quite clear all men were suppose to have equal rights.

    I don’t know what it is lately but in the past couple of weeks I have read anti-gay statements that have been making accusations about people where the accusations were actually truer about the accuser.

    btw, um can anyone say “closet case”?

  • Codswallop

    What did the Founding Fathers think about Cubans for that matter? That’s an important thing to know since Mr Rubio is so fired up to enforce their social views.

  • Red Meat

    @Codswallop: Cuban society has nothing to do with this dumbshit. Most if not all Cuban Americans are hard core republicans because they think democrats and liberals are close to being communist when we all know that conservatism leads to dictatorship and communism proven by Russian, German, and Cuban history and only policies on the economic front differ.

  • Steve

    Oh, you GOP idiots? When will you realize that you made the economy your focus? If it was your real focus, you wouldn’t give a damn about this. If you cared about spending, you might want to take a look at why the GOP is spending sickening amounts of money on nothing.

    Even if Obama’s opposition to DOMA fails, the GOP’s reaction to it instead of other pressing matters will certainly reap the backlash they deserve.

    if you think about it, it is impossible to be a social, government, and fiscal conservative. Social conservatives want to keep the status quo, but the only way to do that is to increase the government’s presence, which government conservatives oppose. Fiscal conservatives want to increase our budget and get the population spending again, but the way social conservatives are acting, they are preventing thousands of dollars gushing into our economy.

  • niles

    To all the gay lemmings who voted for Rubio because he was cute: how cute is he now, suckers?

  • Shofixti

    If Obama stops defending DOMA,
    does that free up some more
    time for him to create jobs?

  • Mark from Queensland

    Where are the jobs senator? DOMA has absolutely no bearing on the economy or on jobs. Get your priorities straight, no pun intended.

  • ewe

    The republicans are void of values. They are disgraceful.

  • DeGuyz in Mississippi

    You can’t take many of the politicians for their word. You have to do your homework and look at their history before you cast that vote. If you look at what the states are trying to do, telling students that their vote is basically a non issue and should only be valid in the state where their parents live is outrageous. It’s more important now than ever before. >> 2012 is not that far away. It’s our schools, our states, and this bad boy of a country is ours too.

  • Stanley

    Sen. Marco Rubio & House Speaker Boehner are correct on this one. President Obama is not doing his job in defending DOMA. That was his responsibility to do so, even if he didn’t like it. The judicial branch is responsible for determining if DOMA is constitutional or not, not the executive branch.

    Marco Rubio for Vice-President 2012! :)

  • Jayson

    What happened to Florida? It went from American paradise to American parasite.

  • Soupy

    Poor, sad, self loathing Stanley.

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