FL Teen Killed Friend Who Sexually Assaulted Him In His Sleep

A high-school student from New Port Richey, Florida, has been charged with second-degree murder after he shot a friend he claims performed oral sex on him while he was asleep.

On Monday, Marcus Wilson, 18, was arrested after police found the body of Christopher Ashton Martin, 30, who had gone frinking with Wilson in Starkey Wilderness Park on May 13  (Martin’s birthday). Wilson claims he fell asleep on a picnic table and when he awoke, Martin was fellating him. Wilson kicked Martin to the ground and shot him, then fled in Martin’s car.

Before he left, though, Wilson cleaned up the campsite, took Martin’s wallet and covered the body with a sleeping bag.

With no witnesses, it’s hard to say whether Martin tried to rape his friend, whether Wilson consented or if any sexual contact even happened. And there’s no indication lethal force was required to fend off the attack. At the same time, you can’t expect someone to act perfectly sensibly if  they wake up to being sexually assaulted.
It’s an ugly and sad situation all around.

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  • Oh, ok

    He had a loaded gun on his person and the dead man can’t defend himself.

    I would care if he merely left it at punching and walked away(or gone to the police). Murder and scrubbing the crime scene screams guilty.

    I don’t care what the excuse is, put him away.

  • EdWoody

    “Frinking”? Is that a typo or some new weird thing the heteros do?

  • dvlaries

    And we have only the shooter’s word he was asleep, right? If you’re shrewd enough to clean up the crime scene, you’re shrewd enough to make up self-serving facts too.

  • Basch

    What kind of 30 year old man is friends with an 18 year old? Obviously that guy was in it to give some mid-sleep blowjobs.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    took Martin’s wallet

    A drunken robbery, and the killer is using a gay panic defense.

  • Chris

    We don’t have all the facts but I’m preemptively calling bullshit. Who goes into a park with a “friend” and still bothers to pack heat, then takes the friend’s wallet after he shoots him dead? Either he’s already guilty of making false statements or the robbery was planned.

  • Oh, ok

    Sounds to me like the 30 year old paid him for sex, tried to stiff him, or wanted more than he was willing to do so he shot him.

    That or someone saw them and the 18 year old began to panic because people now know he’s gay.

    I’ve heard of a lot of guys going into low income neighborhoods for sex…

  • Oh, ok

    And when I say sex I mean freaky shit they couldn’t wouldn’t normally ask someone they knew to do.

    Also “falling asleep” on a picnic table sounds rather uncomfortable. Of course I don’t go out to the park to go to sleep or get rammed for cash so I don’t know.

  • Well

    Ugh, likely story :rolleyes:

  • Jose

    Lots of things don’t add up here but maybe it was a sexual hookup gone wrong or premeditated murder because the other man was gay. There have been cases of so called straight men seducing gay men to beat them up or even kill. I don’t believe the friend part and carrying a loaded gun is very suspicious if they were not out there hunting. The big age difference leads me to believe its a sex hookup gone very wrong.

  • Lee

    @Basch: I was thinking the same thing. Why else would a 30 yr. old hang around an 18 yr. old.

  • hf2hvit


  • w.e.

    Frinking is currently banned in 30 states. It is a gateway activity that can lead to frucking.

  • nick


    And, tell me, what kind of 18 year old guy is friends with a 30 year old? Obviously that guy was in it for… something.

  • Oh, ok

    @nick: The kid most likely was in it for the money and decided he was going to go to a secluded place to rob and kill him rather than be fucked for money(which is what the 30 year old was most likely going to do — screw not murder).

    The gun makes it a little obvious.

    What I don’t get is why people think they’re safe paying for sex. This kind of story isn’t remotely new…it’s like half the CSI episodes.

  • Cam

    “”At the same time, you can’t expect someone to act perfectly sensibly if they wake up to being sexually assaulted.””

    Is this a joke? Yeah, the guy was so shocked that he had no trouble getting away and pulling out the loaded gun he just HAPPENED to be carrying with him to the secluded site?

  • jimstoic

    For all we know, the supposed “victim” of the sexual assault was actually the perp, and when his advances were not well received, he responded with murder. Who could prove otherwise?

    Alcohol and guns are never a great combination.

  • Ron

    Quote from an actual news site:

    “Detectives say Wilson told them he lost his temper and kicked Martin in the back knocking him to the ground. He then picked up a gun Martin had lying on the table and shot him.”

    So, 2 new facts which do not help matters either way.

    1. the gun seemingly belongs to the victim, so probably not planned robbery.

    2. Wilson kicked Martin “in the back” – seems to me you’d need to be extremely flexible to preform oral sex on someone while your back is turned.

  • Shannon1981

    Lots of suspicious stuff here.

    -Why is a 30 year old spending his birthday with an 18 year old? Not illegal,but that is a hell of an age difference.

    -Why was there a gun there at all? I mean I get that some people carry, but really?

    -Not buying the sleeping blowjob story. I think it was consensual, but the closet case panicked.

    *** Note to self: do not hook up with struggling, closeted queers.

  • dvlaries

    If I were an eventual and younger juror, I’d want to visit the picnic table and see just how easily I might fall asleep on it.

  • Oh, ok

    At the end of the day kid still murdered someone and tried to clean up the crime scene so he’s fucked no matter what actually happened.

  • James-Clifton

    So who wrote the headline on this? Someone who actually witnessed the “sexual assault”? Or someone who is poorly trained in journalistic ethics?

    We only have the word of a guy accused of murder that the victim did anything improper. It could be true. Or it could be the word of a homophobic killer trying to use “gay panic” as a defense.

  • davegun2

    I think every 18 year old girl should be given guns. So that when guys touch their tits they can shoot them. Anyone agree?

  • Alexi3

    A lot of things really don’t seem to add up; at least with what little we know. If the 18 year-old had said that they’d been drinking very heavily and he’d passed out on the picnic table, that I would find more believable than his stated falling asleep. I don’t know that I find it that strange that an 18 year-old would be sexually attracted to a 30 year-old or the other way around. But that an 18 year-old and a 30 year-old would be friends seems a little strange. And why the gun? no matter whose it turns out to be? I can understand a physical response to awakening to being sexually assaulted (if that’s what happened) but again the gun looms large. He says he kicked his “attacker” to the ground so why the need to shoot him. And then he cleans up the campsite, steals his wallet,covers his body with a sleeping bag and steals his car. And by the way, why was there a sleeping bag?

  • Zak

    This is what happens when you go Frinking

  • Oh, ok

    @James-Clifton: Sorry but the 30 year old is no innocent, that much is obvious. The 18 year old is still in high school and there aren’t many scenarios you can come up with where an 18 year old interacts with a 30 year old in a normal environment.

    Alcohol was served to a minor which means the 30 year old most likely purchased it. Why would a 30 year old man intoxicate an 18 year old?

    How do you know the 30 year old man was not preying upon an 18 year old high school kid? He could have very well pretended to only want to be friends, gotten the kid drunk, and tried to have sex with him.

    This idea that all gay men in these situations are all innocent and it’s only the straight guy at fault is ridiculous. There are plenty of gay men who are predators just like there are plenty of straight men who are predators.

    And you cannot convince me(or many people) that a 30 year old man was not preying on an 18 year old.

    For all we know the man did try to rape him, but as I said above the kid fucked himself when he shot him, and cleaned up the scene. Any case for defense was pretty much ruined unless he starts telling the truth about everything.

  • Gigi

    He was ALLEGEDLY sexually assaulted. It’s the “gay panic” excuse. If I woke up and found some chick on my dick I’d be shocked and a bit off-put but shoot her I would not.

  • Gigi

    @Oh, ok: Wow. There’s so much wrong in your comment. Without dissecting each and every morsel we know this: you have a huge bias toward gay people and you can’t imagine that a 30 year old man, presumably gay, could be friends with an 18 year old man, presumably straight. The young man says that older man sexually assaulted him and you feel that the “This idea that all gay men in these situations are all innocent and it’s only the straight guy at fault is ridiculous.” A.k.a. as the “gay panic” defense. No one knows what happened except for the killer teen.

  • Sansacro

    @Oh, ok: Great earlier comments, then this? Universalize much? You don’t think there are young, financially strapped guys who prey on older gay men? And that there are older gay men who are easily seduced by the “interest.” Try traveling throughout the Middle East and South America, you’ll met them. But, hey, economically depressed Florida is even closer . . .

  • Well

    @Oh,ok: At 18 he is legal. Old enough to go die in Afghanistan. If there was any “preying”, it is not the age difference that would have made it that, adn in any case I suspect the preying was in the opposite direction. I’m sick of that double standard in the culture that sex with a hot 18 year old woman is for every 30 year old guy the proverbial holy grail, something every other straight male but her father will envy him for and his buddies will consider him a god for, while the same thing between men is considered disgusting. This is nothing but homophobia.

  • Oh, ok

    @Sansacro: I didn’t mean anything by it just putting other scenarios out there.

  • Oh, ok

    @Well: Sorry but people do prey on teens and early 20s because they can get them to do things they can’t get older adults to fall for. I’m not saying everyone does this nor am I biased seeing as I just turned 29 myself, but it does happen, and it’s very common.

    Hell a few years ago a MUCH older guy tried to get me drunk because I look a lot younger than I actually am. He was confused as to why I was turning down his free drinks repeatedly and I was annoyed because he wouldn’t give up.

    I don’t really believe either side was innocent, they both were using each other imo, but it’s really skeevy when way older men go after a specific age group under 25.

    25 and up is fair game, below that and I feel they’re up to something.

  • Macmantoo

    Carrying a gun? Are we seeing a pattern here where all the states are allowing people to carry guns. I know the Tpubs wants to take us back the 1800’s but have we already became the “wild wild west”? The kid probably went along for some easy money and someone saw them, just like someone else said. If an 18 year old is with a 30 or older guy, then there is something happening there or about to.

  • Larry

    uh…he fell asleep on a picnic table…presumably with his pants around his knees and wakes up and kills the guy he was teasing all day? BUT it is FL so there will be no charges

  • Oh, ok

    @Gigi: How exactly do I have a bias towards gay people when I am gay and only a year younger than the deceased?

    I’ve done nothing the defense won’t do and you can deny it all you want but a 30 year old male hanging out with a high school student is suspicious no matter how you try to twist it.

    How exactly do you meet high school students as a 30 year old male?

    I interact with exactly zero, why? Because I’m almost 30. Common sense.

  • Drew

    this guy does look like family

  • hf2hvit

    @Oh, ok: Well, he tried to get you drunk but did he try to make you FRINK???

  • RLS

    My guess is that the 30 year old was someone paying the kid for sex and something went left.

  • Evji108

    sounds like you have some really stupid friends

  • Oh, ok

    @hf2hvit: Luckily no, frinks weren’t on the menu.

    Frinking leads to doofies and waking up on a picnic table with my briefs around my ankles and my legs over my head wondering why a bear is inside my honey pot.

  • Paul T.

    Found some very interesting comments on, but then again we knew when we saw those eyebrows.

    Someone needs to speak for Chris and I as his roommate/landlord am here to do just that. I can say with 100% confidance this is not a case of self defence this was cold blooded murder of a very caring and friendly man. Chris and marcus have been sexually involved and in a relationship since February and Marcus is lieing to try to save his ass. You will be seeing more details on this story now that Chris’s side can speak and have finally been informed of the situation. I do not know why Marcus did this but I do know there is no way Chris attacked him in any way shape or form.

    For all of you saying he “stood his ground” you can go f*** yourselves. Chris was my cousin, in no way shape or form as rapist. Yes he shouldn’t have been drinking with an 18 year old, but Marcus and him had fooled around before and you mean to tell me when your eighteen you are old enough to understand that somebody had feelings for you? He chose to go camping and get drunk with Chris and has told police that Christopher was nothing but good to him. You are all a bunch of insensitive jerks who have no idea what our family is going thru having a relative murdered. You shouldn’t believe everything you read because my mother and uncle are in Florida to claim my cousins body and Marcus kicked him in the face so he was already knocked out, if this boy was so threatened he had more than enough oppourtunity to leave then, but no he then shot my unconsious cousin IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH HIS OWN GUN, so before you go making rude comments you should know the whole story, not just believe something you read on a ridiculous internet post. You all disgust me and should be ashamed of yourselves, you have no idea what our family is going thru.

    They also left out the fact that marcus stayed in the camp ground from when he shot Chris at 1 am till the park opened at 7am because the gates were closed. He had more than enough time to call the police or an ambulance. 6 hours to think and react. Think about that.

  • iluvcakes


    I was thinking the same exact thing! He has total gay face lol

  • Jack

    Seriously? Gay panic defense again? Watch, this murderer will walk. Especially down here in Florida.

  • villa viper

    @hf2hvit: oh, ok. a.k.a Tackle (funky toe sandwich) he looks like he might be at least a half a BO :-0……………….

    AT it AGAIN!!

  • Oh, ok

    @Paul T.: So you’re his cousin, roommate, and landlord? And you were there to witness everything and know their entire private history including what went down when he died?

    And you took the time out of your busy day grieving your family member to lecture us on a blog?

    You really get around!

    All that said I don’t believe anything you had to say, not saying I know what really happened, but this is a blog, and you’re anonymous. Your story sounds pretty ridiculous and isn’t really credible since this is the internet after all.

    Thanks for playing, but we have more than enough people here changing their names every 5 seconds without someone pretending to be the cousin/hairdresser/social worker of a deceased man.

  • Oh, ok

    @villa viper: Jason are you seriously this butthurt over me calling you out for being Cam and Villa?

    You could’ve just denied it instead of immediately going to your knee-jerk reaction of trolling and inadvertently confirming it, moron.

  • villa viper

    @Oh, ok: I bet if we look throughout the Queerty blogs during the last six months we will find a blogger with names like um humm, DivaLicious, SoulSistaKnowsBest etc… with a VERY SUSPICIOUS sounding voice that sounds just like oh, ok and Tackle..

    Hum..I hope you don’t bore your white tricks with all of the “There aren’t any BO’s Bu..S..t” as you do on here Boo Bear :-(

  • J

    @Oh, ok:

    You’re defending murder, you know.

  • DouggSeven

    Florida is a republican run state – so the victim already has one stike against him. A lot of eyes will be on this case and I bet a scrrenplay is already in the works.

  • DouggSeven

    Florida is a republican run state – so the victim already has one stike against him. A lot of eyes will be on this case and I bet a screenplay is already in the works.

  • w.e.

    Posthumous gay panic defense – very common and hard to prove/disprove. Personally, I think he probably lured the gentleman to the park with intents to rob him. It happens all the time.

  • Oh, ok

    @J: No I’m not, I said in my first post lock his ass up. No matter what happened he killed someone and scrubbed a crime scene.

    Beyond that the rest of my posts just said the entire thing reads suspicious.

    I know I know some gays like to deny that a gay man could do anything wrong ever and it’s only the straight guy at fault all the time.

    But it just makes you sound a bit off to pretend that a 30 year old man has any business “fooling around” with a high schooler. Legal or not it’s still sketchy as hell.

    You don’t have to ignore reality to be a gay man, nor is it turning your back on all gay men everywhere to call out sketchy behavior.

    I’m not defending a murderer for pointing it out, I said what I had to say about him, there’s not much to say about a murderer but lock him up…

  • shannon


  • MKisNE

    Well it’s either true or not but hopefully it’s not an excuse for murder because there shouldn’t be too many excuses for murder.

  • MKisNE

    @w.e.: Yeah they will have to look at why he was there with the guy. Odd for an 18 y/o to be hanging out with a 30y/o.. I’m sure there will be some specifics soon.

  • villa viper

    @shannon: Shannon I am SO SORRY your ex-husband turned out to be a cock sucker…But you need to get over it Boo Boo.. If you are so over us then stop trolling our websites.

  • anonymous

    This is what happens when you’re country allows guns, and to carry them! WHAT COUNTRY ALLOWS TEENAGERS to carry a gun. What kind of a 30yr old agrees to going into a park with an 18yr old without a witness! Both are certainly foul play here. As far as the shooting, It’s the boys response to WHAT? Nobody shoots no one for nothing! Question the boy and find out the truth!

  • Martin

    @Oh, ok: As a matter of fact i am time and again cruised by teenagers who like my profile pics and want to hook up with me. im 34. Im not into twinks however. Too skinny, too inexperienced, but i imagine what they want is an experienced guy to try out sex with, and someone athletic. Teenagers are animals too, as we all are among other things.

    I have friends who are much older than me, perhaps your life could be enriched if you didnt always ask if its suspect to spend time with this person. Younger people can learn a lot from older people, if they open themselves to the possibility you know

    What can be concluded from your posts is that your world has a very narrow horizon, you have a closed mind and that anything challenging your outlook must be beaten down as suspect or gross…

  • Danny

    Where’s the evidence they were friends? Sounds like an 18-yo robbed a 30-yo in a park. Perhaps he saw the 30-yo drinking and decided to rob him.

  • villa viper

    @Martin: Martin I am certain they are “cruzing” you because you are most likely a white guy and they expect some money from you.

  • sheena

    really?….so taking the wallet is necessary……………..OOOHHHH OK NOW I GET IT!!!!……………agghhh dude i dont think ur assaulted… lol

  • FYI

    @shannon: Hmmmmmmm…so, any guy you know can then blow a hole in your head and say it was self-defense (without any witnesses) because they “claimed” you gave them a bj without their permission. Is that the precedent you really want to establish. That is a license to kill any gay person — as long as there are not any witnesses. Better think about that a while.

    I remember a few years ago reading in a newspaper about a young twenty-something kid who was waiting for his lover to pick him up at a nightclub where he spent the evening with some friends after work (his lover had a night job, so he sometimes went to pick him up at this club afterwards). Well, along comes a truck-load of high school football players on a Friday night looking for trouble. They knew where the places were where the “queers” would hang out, so they thought they’d have a little fun. And, of course, fun meant jumping out of the back of a pick-up with baseball bats and beating a young 5’8″ 135 pound gay kid to death who was just waiting on the corner for his lover to come pick him up.

    The case went before a judge (they did not ask for a jury hearing) who then asked the boys (one by one) if they had ever used marijuana — they, of course, said “well, no your honor!”… the judge then asked them why they killed the homosexual and the six teenagers said that “the queer came on to them”.

    In his sentencing, the judge told the teenager murderers that since they where all good athletes and hadn’t used any drugs that he was going to put them on probation until they were 18yrs old and then their criminal records would be expunged — wiped clean. He also added that, while the boys got a little too rough and shouldn’t have killed the young man, that “queers bring this on themselves when they can’t keep their hands off from teenagers”.

    The murdered young man was just waiting to be picked up by his lover on a street corner after work. This happens all of the time. A few years ago a black assistant DA in Georgia was stabbed multiple times, robbed, and had his body and his car set ablaze. The murderer (turned out he was a hustler) said that the closeted young DA grabbed his crotch…so in fit of moral outrage he stabbed him multiple times, stole his wallet, set the car and the “perpetrator” on fire, and then used his credit cards while still in a state of “gay panic”. The asshole was not convicted of murder, even the assistance DA’s boss would not charge the little fucker with homicide. I believe he got six months for the robbery instead.

    This is the world we live in. Not much different than in the old South when black men were murdered for allegedly “looking” at a white woman. Sadly, in that case, many of them didn’t even make it to court, but were murdered on the spot — not unlike Matthew Shepard and James Byrd.

    So, just be careful out there. We still live in a barbaric society where some men feel that they have to kill other men in order to prove that they are not weak (and in too many cases, gay), so they live under the weight of their own subservience to a false and self-destructive heterosexual paradigm which values dominance over everything by any means, even at the cost of human life .

  • MJ

    @FYI: A damn shame. I have no words to describe the disgust and anger I feel from hearing those stories. my heart goes out to the families and loved who knew the truth

  • Martin

    @villa viper: All guys are white around here darling… And no they dont ask for money but they really want sex…

  • nick

    Enough has been said, But i would like to make a couple of points here. I am a father of eight, six boys and 2 girls. I am Australian. I don’t know why Americans are so segregationist. You hate the Arabs for treating their women in a segregated way yet you do the same.
    1.What is wrong with a 30 years old to hang around an 18 years old? I hang around my sons friends all the time. We draw the line of respect here. We go fishing, Picnics and so on. Never did anything sexual ever happened because we have this mutual understanding that there is a line of respect. I am 50 years old and my oldest son is 32 from my first marriage and my youngest son is 9 years old from my second marriage. I mix with all of them form 32 years old to 9 years old.
    2.With regards to this young fellow sleeping on the park table or bench and not realising that somebody had touched his most sensitive part of his body and still sleeps to only wake up later to find the 30 year old actually sucking him, sounds so unreal to me. I would wake up immediately had somebody touch my private sensitive part, drunk or not.
    3.We must also ask whether drugs was not a motivating factors in this murder.
    4. Why did the 18 years old just go camping with a person he did not know well enough? They were camping by the sound of it. With him covering the body with the sleeping bag.
    5. What was the loaded gun doing in a camping site? Why was it carried along with them?
    6. Is there any possibility that the 18 year old may have been gay and made the advances on the victim and things went wrong at this point because he may have refused if he was not gay?
    We cannot come to any conclusion because we need a lot more evidence, that “the 18 years old cleaned up at the scene” and we may also ask why did he clean up if he had panicked? In a panic state, one would run and hide or ask for help “NORMALLY”.

  • michael

    Hook ups between older and younger men happen so stop trashing it. First off, its obvious sex was already involved because 30 year old men only hang out with guys so young when they’re screwing them. I am 40 and 80% of my hookups are young enough to be my son seeing if my ex would have been pregnant when she claimed the kid would he 23 by now. There’s nothing wrojg with it and some of us older guys are lucky enough to be attractive enough where we have younger guys chase us and not for any money either.

    Btw, none of the story makes sense. There was obviously consentual sex going on IMO and he needed an excuse for murder and robbery.

  • Oh, ok

    @Martin: If requiring my MAN to be out of high school to be with me is closed-minded then yes I’m closed-minded and proud about it.

    It’s really not hard to say “No.”, if all you’re after is sex then I can see you going for it sure…but you cannot convince me that you truly believe an 18 year old is in it for the long haul.

  • Erik

    Because all sexual assault victims shoot their assailant, clean up the crime scene, and then steal the assailant’s wallet, car, and gun.

    No jury will buy that. There is no evidence a sexual assault occurred at all. There is irrefutable evidence of a robbery and murder.

    He will be in prison for a long time.

  • Erik

    @Oh, ok: A lot of your comments here seem intentionally provocative. No one was calling it “suspicious” when 30 year old John Mayer was dating 18 year old Taylor Swift. You are an adult at 18, legally responsible for your actions, with no exceptions.

    Here we have an 18 year old man who shot and killed an acquaintance, stole his wallet, car, and gun, and though he claims to have been sexually assaulted, never called police to report it. Instead, he committed robbery and cleaned up the crime scene, never telling police about the alleged sexual assault until they showed up at his door to question him about the dead body in the park.

    Blaming the victim, insinuating he was a “predator” or “suspicious,” is pure speculation.

  • Oh, ok

    @Erik: I don’t make any money or hold any stake in Queerty, I posted my opinions. You’re free to disagree, but just because you disagree it doesnt’ make you right or somehow better than me.

    The human brain isn’t fully developed until the early to mid 20s.

    Chew on that and do what you will with it. I have my own morals and I think it’s immoral for someone over 25 to fuck around with someone in high school.

    I also didn’t “blame the victim”. If you bothered to read my first post I said the guy is getting sent away. He murdered someone plain and simple. However I also said we don’t know what happened and for all you know the guy COULD HAVE gotten him wasted and tried to rape him.

    I also told the person pretending to be the cousin of the murderer that I don’t believe his story.

    Why do some of you feel the need to be so defensive and pretend there’s no way the deceased could have attempted rape?

    Are you really so naive as to believe a gay man could never attempt to rape a teen? Are you so jaded that you have to protect anyone who’s gay even if they are in fact the attacker?

    Did you even bother to look at the fact that the weapon belonged to the man who’s now dead? Why the fuck did he have it there? We don’t know.

    You’re too busy going “The gay one was innocent!” to even bother to assess both sides for simple conversation because that’s all this is…simple conversation. We aren’t on a jury. If you can’t handle a conversation then grow up and move on.

    I’m free to post my opinions as are the rest of you. All this rage about what I’m saying makes you sound ignorant because I haven’t said anything out of line. And considering I’m the same age(well a year younger) and have the same sexual orientation as the deceased I gain absolutely nothing by “attacking” him. I just look at both sides of what really could have happened because I’m more interested in the truth than just protecting whoever I think is gay(which if you look at the facts both are gay…so again…ignorance is bliss).

  • Oh, ok

    Now that I think about it though I think perhaps some of you are so wound up about what I’m saying because you put a lot of energy into banging 18-19 year olds. That’s pretty sad, and kinda gross…lol. Have fun being single.

  • Sensible

    It is interesting how Queerty has such a “straight” head on this issue, ( and it does deserve praise for it) in terms of condemning a case of sexual assault and not coming up with weird theories justifying the crime just because a gay man happens to be the perpetrator.

    However, in just another article, reported along with this one, gay black children were being targeted in a so called LGBTQ home and interestingly there is not a single word of condemnation!!

    Queerty has once again proved that it isfree of a gay agenda except the white one.

  • Balrog

    @RLS: Left? real words simply aren’t expressive enough to describe the total unfettered shit that happened.

  • ryboi

    @Oh, ok

    Paul T. is not the victim’s cousin/landlord, etc. You misread/misunderstood. The poster stated he found comments on another website and was posting them here. The comments in his post are from a few different people, not just one person, and none are Paul T.

    I haven’t read anything in these comments where people are claiming that gay men can do no evil. What I am reading in the comments is that the story of the man who shot the other man seems fishy. If the same scenario occurred but the deceased wasn’t a gay man, don’t you think people would still question the shooter’s story, and make the same type of comments about possible motives? Again, people are questioning his claim. Nowhere did I read that the 18 year old was guilty because he was presumed to be straight and homophobic, and nowhere did I read that the 30 year old was presumed innocent without a shadow of a doubt simply because he was gay and that somehow made him incapable of committing any wrong doings in life.

    In an earlier post you state that the 18 year old was probably after money and lured the gay 30 year old to a secluded area to rob and kill him – here you are making the 18 year old out to be the bad guy and the gay 30 year old the victim, much like what you claim everyone else is doing. Later, when others make similar statements about the 18 year old having other motives, you go off on them stating that the 30 year old was the one who preyed on the 18 year old, calling anyone over 25 associating with an 18 year old ‘gross’ among other things – here you are making the 30 year old gay man out to be the bad guy and the 18 year old the victim. Quite the contradiction!

  • Gary Palma

    Has anybody ever heard of men helping single parent children (usually male – male) can’t think of what it is called. Just thought Big Brothers. Could have been out there to go hunting and have a couple of celebratory brews (Bday). You are all alone with no one around – have no money and here is a perfect opportunity? or it could have been exactly as stated.

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