Flamboyant Flamer Keeps Fanning Gay Rumor Flames


U.S. skater Johnny Weir’s sexuality has garnered far more interest from the world than any of the televised Olympic sporting events. In print, he’s been called everything from “flamboyant” to a name he’s given himself; “Tinkerbell.” We think it’s after Paris’ toy dog and not Peter Pan’s own personal floating light bulb. Naturally, Weir’s refusal to acknowledge his true sexuality has everyone intrigued. All of a sudden the media is giving the twink a ton of ink.

Weir is “teaching us all a lesson: that it doesn’t matter, and that if the question is repeatedly asked, it says more about the questioner than it does the answerer. And when that questioner is a journalist, another question needs to be asked: Is there something in the reporter that needs examining? I think many of them look at this topic as just titillating, and it’s an issue for them, not necessarily for the athletes.”

We don’t even know why anyone is still wasting their time in trying to figure out if Weir’s gay. As if it’s really at all necessary, we present this video as all of the proof you will ever need.

Somehow we feel confident in saying he’ll end up on the cover of The Advocate by the end of the year.

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