Flash For Your Cameraphone

Phlash cameraphone light

Now that cameraphones are becoming so ubiquitous that gyms have to make special rules banning them in the locker room, isn’t it about time that they could take pictures indoors? Some phone makers have tried to build in little flash mechanisms, but the results usually end up looking like someone stuck a flourescent light tube in your face.

Phlash is a new solution, one you can stick on your phone or carry on a strap. Since it’s a separate device, it works with any phone, and the company claims it emits a light similar to a real camera flash that is 12 times brighter than other cameraphone lights. We haven’t tried it ourselves, but for $19.99 it could be worth taking out to the bar for a testdrive.

On the other hand, it could be a disaster for those who would rather not see, let alone be reminded later of what they’re doing in the back room, so please exercise caution.

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