‘Flight 93’ An Honest Portrayal, But Not Worth Seeing (Yet)

012006_2419.jpgA Queerty reader’s review on the recently-released Flight 93:

“It’s a pretty good movie–shot in real-time, it’s what they think happened during the few hours that the plane was hijacked. Obviously there is a lot is dramatic license, but it’s very real, very raw. You just see what’s happening in the plane; i.e., when the passengers call their families from their cell phones, you don’t hear what’s happening on the other end. They never say anything about Mark Bingham being gay, although there was no reason to–I can’t imagine how they could have worked it in, it had nothing to do with the story.

I like depressing disaster movies, so I liked it. And it’s interesting to think how these people changed the face of terrorism. They proved that you have to fight back. Even though they died anyway, if it weren’t for those passengers, that plane most likely would have hit the Capitol.”

We were interested in how they would handle the Mark Bingham question (he called his mother from the plane, but never called his boyfriend, so his sexuality never came up). But otherwise, we have no desire to see this movie. Granted, we’re more of the Showgirls/Bring It On mentality, so we are biased; but nevertheless, the wounds are still a bit fresh, there’s no need for Hollywood to be making money selling popcorn to people while they watch the imminent demise of the airplane’s passengers. There’s no moral objection; we just already know enough about September 11, we don’t need to spend money to live through it again. Let the film sit in a closet for generations to come.