Night Flight

Flight attendant becomes Internet-famous following “Toxic” onboard lip-synch

Chances are, the below clip is all over your Facebook feed — and that’s right where it belongs to be.

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An AirAsia employee named Assraf Nasir is enjoying a touch of Internet fame following his terribly kicky lip-synch to Britney’s “Toxic” from the aisles of an A330 aircraft.

You gotta admit: he really commits to the performance.


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  • Neonegro

    One of the bad things about flying, these effeminate male airline flight attendants.

    Seriously, what kind of grown azz men want that type of a job.

    • ChrisK

      Yeah, because we all know your hatred of anything to do with anything feminine. Of coarse just more projecting eh Brian?

    • Giancarlo85

      hey bigot… still on the downlow?

    • scotshot

      What kind of grown a** man is as threatened by him as you are. You’re not exactly “butch” yourself.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Remember that queen flight attendant a few years ago who decided to exit the plane when it landed via the emergency shoot because she knew her ass was going to be alcohol and drugged tested as soon as she got off at the gate? They love the job once they first get it because they are flying every where they always wanted to go. Sooner or later they begin to realize that once they land they have no spending money because the job pays next to nothing and then become total bitches once they realize they are nothing more than air borne waiters and waitresses. Thats the reason for the high turnover rate in that job. No respectable queen hangs around very long.

    • Neonegro

      Carmen Miranda…SHUSH

    • Neonegro

      scotshot, not threatened…just do not want a freak handing me my drinks.

    • Condor221

      You’re disgusting, and a bigot on top.

  • Bryguyf69

    Cute. But here’s s dose of reality. He’s from Malaysia, a Muslim country that ranked #8 on Pew’s survey of homophobia. What started as a little private joke has now gone viral. Even if his employer doesn’t mind (and we don’t know for sure since this occurred on work premises), that’s likely not the case for his neighbors and relatives (or acquaintances of relatives). It’ll be interesting to see what the repercussions are.

    For those wondering, Ghana is the most homophobic country, with 98% of those surveyed finding homosexuality “morally unacceptable.” Also among the Top 10 are:
    Jordan, Egypt, Palestinian territory, Uganda, Indonesia, Tunisia, Kenya and Pakistan.

    As an aside, Muslim Malaysia and Indonesia are the reasons Asia is so interesting and diverse in terms of homophobia. On the other end of the spectrum is Thailand, whose late monarch had spoken in favor of gays. There was even discussions of converting an island into a gay resort. Then you have all the countries in between, which may exhibit homophobia but is rarely religiously-based (Buddhism is not inherently homophobic or judgmental since it deals with inner personal growth). That’s crucial because tradition-based homophobia is much more malleable than religious homophobia. For example, Chinese homophobia is based on sexism and the need to procreate, i.e. to have offsprings to work the fields. Since that is no longer the case, homophobia manifests itself more as disrespect than hatred or violence.

    • dustashed

      That is interesting bryguy.

      Indeed asian culture as it relates to homosexuality is pretty interesting.

      You also have the Philippines which is a deeply religous and conservative country yet homosexuality is for the most part at the very least highly tolerated. A huge number of high profile entertainers in the country are gay.

      I think it has something to do too with the close family ties that seem to supercede any religion based prejudice. Blood ties and relations matter more that society or religious dogma.

      Also the gays in general, especially the effeminate ones are very visible and at most times histrionic and vulgar. Gay guys “cat calling” men (any men in sight) in the streets are not even gonna make anyones head turn or flinch because it is such a common daily occurence.

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