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FLIP-FLOP: Prop 8 Donating Hotelier Wants Gay Customers Back. Will It Work?


When Marjorie Chrisoffersen, the manager of Los Angeles restaurant El Coyote, was identified for donating $100 to the Yes On 8 campaign, all hell broke loose. An impromptu press conference to resolve the matter between management and its large gay customer base led to tears and fighting. So what lessons can another Prop 8 supporting business owner learn?

Doug Manchester, a hotel owner in San Diego who goes by “Papa Doug,” donated a fat $125,000 to support Prop 8 (no, those aren’t erroneous zeroes), even though he maintained he wasn’t anti-gay. (That’s a logic argument that always ends in FAIL.)

Once his chequebook ledger was discovered, his hotels, including the Manchester Grand Hyatt — one of the largest hotels on the West Coast — were placed on the boycott list in July by groups including Californians Against Hate. And yes, that’s the same Manchester Grand Hyatt where DOMA-signing President Bill Clinton crossed protest lines to attend a paid speaking event.


Turns out Papa Doug — who also owns San Diego’s Grand del Mar Resort and the Whitetail Club and Resort in McCall, Idaho — is missing those gay dollars. He’s reportedly donating $25,000 to “a national organization that promotes civil unions and domestic partnerships” (ahem, not gay marriage), and “is considering offering $100,000 in hotel credit to local gay and lesbian organizations so they can use the Grand Hyatt for events such as fundraisers.” Do the math, and that adds up to $125,000.

And a lot of free press.

Speaking of press, that’s the industry Manchester needs to massage. And to do that, he’s hired Howard Bragman, the storied public relations/crisis management veteran who’s handled Isaiah “Faggot” Washington’s career resuscitation, as well as the orchestrated coming out journeys of golfer Rosie Jones, the WNBA’s Sheryl Swoopes, and the NBA’s former player John Amaechi. Did we mention Bragman is a big gay?

So how’s this all going to work for Manchester? Well, the travel and hotel industries are already suffering from the economy. It doesn’t help that the boycott actually seems to be working, with made groups like the American Trial Lawyers Association yanking their convention dollars from the Grand Hyatt. All of which has us believing Manchester, who supported Prop 8 from a moral position, is now trying to make good based on a business position. It’s not that he’s suddenly come around to supporting equal rights for GLBTs; he just wants our money.

Californians Against Hate’s Fred Karger says he hasn’t heard from Manchester — who supposedly wanted to keep quiet his $25k donation — but, “I’d be delighted to talk.”

Is Manchester’s reversal enough to end the boycott? Are things all smoothed over? Or should gay marriage opponents be forever blacklisted, and never count on gay dollars again?

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  • Bruno

    Anything short of $125,001 to an org like EQCA (read: a donation to support MARRIAGE EQUALITY) is a fail on Manchester’s part.

  • CTC

    Not yet. He doesn’t support our rights, but he wants our money. Unlike politics, you don’t have to moderate to win allies for the greater good when you spend your dollars. I won’t be staying at the Grand Hyatt anytime soon.

  • Elk

    I never forget,never..I never forgive,ever..I hope this Hater goes broke..

  • Raphael

    No FUCKING way, douchebag

  • Dave

    I live in San Diego. His donation CANNOT be reversed. PROP 8 PASSED. His pocket book is hurting and all of a sudden he wants to pull an EPPS, where he only did it because he was scared of gay people marrying each other but actually has a gay friend that he doesn’t let close to his children.

    DO NOT FALL FOR THIS STUPID SCHEME TO GET HIM OFF THE BOYCOTT LIST. It’s about principle. NOT money. He’s not the one who’s rights were affected.

  • Raphael

    Anybody know who took his money?

    Any self-respecting gay rights organization should refuse his donation, unless they can explicitly use 100% of it to fight Prop 8.

    Honestly, I really want to know which organization should be added to my shit-list.

  • John K.

    The boycott continues until Prop. 8 is repealed. The damage has been done, and donating $125,000 the other way does not undo the damage. That goes even if he actually donated the money all directly to an organization to re-instate MARRIAGE, which he did not. He needs to continue to donate until Prop. 8 is repealed, and then he can start getting our business again.

  • AlwaysGay

    No. Keep boycotting until gay people get equal rights and he changes his opinion.

  • JohnV

    Promoting civil unions and domestic partnerships is promoting “SEPERATE BUT EQUAL”.

    There are plenty of hotels that don’t look down on us from their lofty “I’m so moral” platforms.

  • Jason in WV

    Ha! He wishes this could change our minds. Hate promotes hate- he doesn’t realize just how far his money went to destroy OUR LIVES. Fuck him and his hotel!

  • stephen kay

    Fuck him..he fucked us and now he wants our money.HELL NO!!

  • Jerrold

    I don’t care if his opinion changed or not. I care that he did something detrimental to our rights.
    If I kill your dog, and replace it with a cat, do you forgive me? It’s just because I don’t like dogs…

    No? Doesn’t work that way? Oh, okay.

    (Really I love dogs too, it is just an example.)

  • tavdy79

    @Bruno: I agree, but I think he should donate at least a quarter of a million, preferably more, if he wants gay custom back. He definitely should not be let of lightly.

  • drdanfee

    Gee this whole business sounds like the Great Conservagive Business Man still has a pretty low opinion of gay folks. He must think that we can be bought out, and yes, many gay folks in the past have been bought out by pay offs. Money has always been a key part of keeping certain high value gays with certain hard to replace or moneymaking talents, firmly in the closet while rewarding them with special perks.

    I’ll bet this guy never bothered to think it through; or his new gay public relations rep is feeing him silly fun and taking his public relations fees, to boot.

    In any case, I feel no consumer obligations or ethical voices, pushing me to stay in hotels where I clearly am not at all really welcome – though, strangely, my money is most welcome. Bottom line? This business guy thinks gays are just an opportunistic bunch who cannot think their way out of a paper bag, let alone see through his funding of government inference with gay families/couples/children being raised by gay parents.

    He sounds way too similar to all the other figures, who want to preach very nasty things about gays while also wanting credit for loving gays. Any bully on any school ground has pulled this one, taking your lunch money, and demanding you act like his friend when other kids at school are present. He might even give you a crumb of that extra cookie he bought with your lunch money. Are we all misled, yet?

  • sarah

    Ok 1) It’s not easy to change someone’s opinion with dollars. You can change their business plans, but not their opinion.

    2) While this boycott is incredibly important to our cause, i feel a little uncomfortable/dirty that we are using our money to get equality. It’s just sad that money is the only thing that talks in these situations.

  • Bruno


    In my opinion the money is more symbolic, but yes, I’d love to see a donation that size or more.

  • Flex

    No, keep up the boycott. He needs to correct his violent assault, first, by a sincere apology, then, support a campaign to repeal proposition 8. Money would indeed be a valuable contribution, but a message that espouses true, genuine equality, coming from Manchester, would be a greater weapon against the reckless tirade espoused by religious zealots.

  • Bill Perdue

    He’s rich and a christer. Boycott, boycott, boycott. Then do it agian.

  • John

    I wonder if Mr. Bragman took this guys money for the challenge of trying to see if he can smooth over the gay community OR is this greed? meaning IF he can make this bigot look good he can help other money-loving bigots look good and he’ll become the gay man that all bigots go to to get gay dollars back.
    Has Bragman, who is in a committed relationship himself, seen an opportunity to make shitloads of money over standing up for whats right? wouldn’t be the first time in history of course, but it’s just tragic to see a gay man who is denied marrying his partner take on a client that helped screw all of us over. I just want to know what for, why is one of our own helping those people?
    Explain this to us Howard Bragman, why are you helping this man make more money at our expense?

  • RobinNYC

    I defer to Ms. Margo Channing:

    “I’ll admit I may have seen better days, but I’m still not to be had for the price of a cocktail, like a salted peanut.”

  • Dwayne

    Continue the boycott. By all means, we should do whatever it takes to ensure that he goes under. I would be very pleased to see him lose it all.

  • Tony

    Obviously the boycott is working. Keep it up. I love it when they squeal and suffer. They should. This man used his money to take my rights away. His financial failure should serve as a cautionary tale to all bigots who love money more than anything else. Anti-gay hatred is bad business.

  • Pish Tush

    Admit he was wrong and personally call for a repeal of the law, then I’ll go to his hotel. Oh, yeah, and lower the prices.

  • Jack Scribe, Palm Springs/USA

    I agree with #23. My good friend, Howard Bragman, is a master at P.R. and very active in the GLBT community. I trust him to get Manchester to be forthright in his apology.

  • michael

    An apology for aiding in the stripping of human rights from a group of people. A 125k donation to a marriage equality organization. Thats called making amends. Its good to know that when we withdraw our dollars it has an effect. I have heard so many gays against boycotts, against protests, against anything that worked for the civil rights movement in the 60’s. I have always said that we have a movement that went before us to learn from so why not tap into that wisdom? Well here is proof. Non violent protest, Strong, bold and intelligent speaking out. (I don’t remember M.L. King Jr. referring to someone as a cunt in any of his speeches Perez). And strong leadership with character, integrity and strong conviction will lead us to the promise land. We are humans and we are an important part of the connectedness of all living things and when you try to remove us from the fabric of life a void is left behind, in this case our

  • TANK

    this will definitely require more MINTS ON MY PILLOW!

  • Doug

    I feel the same way about Papa Doug (not MY papa, BTW!) that I feel about Rep. Virginia Foxx and her “apology” to Judy Shepard. Too little, too late. If either of them wants to be forgiven, they need to make a life change. In Rep. Foxx’s case, she needs to have a conversation EVERY DAY about why she supports the Matthew Shepard Act and tell the story of how the hate crime perpetrated on Matthew must, from this day forward, never be repeated on another individual. In Manchester’s case, he needs to do EVERYTHING HE POSSIBLY CAN: raise funds, donate air time, donate hotel space, have conversations with high-ranking leaders in faith communities — anything to overturn Prop 8 in 2010. And then, we’ll be up for renegotiation.

  • bring back thumbnails

    I agree with the first poster. Anything less than $125,001 IN CASH (not free use of his hotel) to a LOCAL pro-gay marriage organization, is unacceptable.

    Also: $25,000 cash plus $100,000 hotel credits DOES NOT EQUAL $125,000 cash.

    Also: giving money to a national organization when the people you hurt were in california, is not acceptable.

    Also: money towards an organiztion that supports civil unions doesn’t compensate for removing our marriage rights. We already have civil unions. So he’s basically giving money to support what Prop 8 was all about in the first place… giving us a second class designation.

  • mark

    The damage is DONE on prop 8, his attempting to crawl back after the fact is USELESS. I would recommend LGBT groups say NO THANKS to his offer.
    I’d never spend a dime in his hotels.

  • Joanaroo

    As a straight supporter of LGBT causes I will boycott and admonish any gay-bashing people or businesses. This world would be so boring without our LGBT FRIENDS!

  • Namaste 85

    he doesnt deserve the community’s money, i think its more of a slap in the face to say “well ill support you guys to make my business thrive”. If you believe so strongly in heterosexuality then market to heterosexuals and hope their dollars can keep your hotel doors open. oh and by the way Mr. Manchester, the gay’s have a ton of money to spend, too bad you aint gettin it!

  • allison

    I keep “Buying for Equality” by HRC in my car. I do not spend a penny without consulting it first. Please remember DREADFULLY BIGOTED businesses like Chick-fil-A are not listed. Not a penny.

    And Manchester can rot.

  • Sonnie


    “He’s trying to clarify his views,” Kelly Commerford, director of marketing for the Grand Hyatt, told the newspaper. “He’s not discriminatory. He’s supportive of this community. He realizes he offended people.”

    Doug Manchester, like many in the so-called hospitality industry, is a Mormon. The Mormon church has not backed down, and will not back down. Neither will Manchester. He is paying significantly more to PR hacks like insider Commerford and consultant Bragman than the $25K he is offering to buy the LGBT community’s favor. And the free rooms he’s offering? Well, yes — he has them to offer (for a tax write-off) since the boycott is keeping people away.

    Mint on my pillow? No thanks! But, Doug Manchester, I’ll give you another frequent hospitality offering: TURN-DOWN SERVICE.

  • jon92027


    Doug Machester is not Mormon, he is Catholic, not that makes much difference, but just a small clarification. As a local San Diego resident I will not set foot in any of his properties, ever again.

  • Herbo

    If the Supreme Court decided to have Prop 8 put BACK on the ballot
    with a new wording — he would STILL be opposed to marriage equality. Screw him and his business.

  • Captain Freedom

    “Think of it like the Holocaust, NEVER AGAIN!” — Ari Gold from Entourage

  • alan brickman

    not a fan of boycotts, but man this guy should be taught a lesson about gayhate…

  • Steve C

    Another LGBT supporting hetero who says keep the pressure on. You’ll never get an opportunity like this again to bring so much financial pain to someone when they are wounded by the economy. The message should be simple: intolerance is the height of stupidity when you run a large business.

    I would suggest now is the time to start posting on geek boards so that the Hyatt will also lose those ComicCon dollars. Those folks are very sympathetic to this cause.

  • MTiffany

    $100,000 in hotel credit? That’s not cash for our cause, it’s bullshit.

  • MTiffany

    “Or should gay marriage opponents be forever blacklisted, and never count on gay dollars again?”

    Not never, just until they declare bankruptcy and go out of business.

  • atdleft

    @Raphael: Yep. Here are my conditions for ever staying at a Manchester hotel:

    1. Doug Manchester gives at least $125,001 to Courage Campaign and/or Equality CA with the explicit permission to use some or all of the money toward the Repeal H8 campaign.

    2. Manchester Hotels enacts anti-discrimination policies to protect LGBT workers.

    3. Manchester Hotels allows workers to unionize and stops intimidating them whenever they ask for a union’s help.

    4. Manchester Hotels pays a living wage with good health care benefits to all employees.

    Unless and until these conditions are met, the boycott should stand IMHO.

  • atdleft

    @atdleft: Btw, I should modify Condition #1 to include the San Diego LGBT Center, Marriage Equality USA, and SD SAME. These are more great local orgs deserving of Doug Manchester’s support should he truly decide to make peace with us. Just sayin’…

  • Dick Mills

    I think that he needs to contribute at least $125k to the GLBT group in charge of the next initiatives EVERY TIME that a pro-same-sex marriage amendment goes up for a vote, UNTIL WE OVERTURN PROP H8. Only then would I ever consider that the score has been settled. And that is true for all of those who contributed to Prop H8!

    Awe, who am I kidding, I still won’t buy Florida Orange Juice, or Coors Beer. Maybe some bridges are just burned beyond repair.

  • paulied

    Hey Howard Bragman, what is the technical term for a gay Uncle Tom?

  • loganscloud

    Mr. Manchester has betrayed his commitment to his wife.
    Mr. Manchester has betrayed his commitment to his children.
    Mr. Manchester has betrayed his commitment to his church.
    Mr. Manchester has betrayed his commitment to his employees.
    Mr. Manchester has betrayed his commitment to the guests of his hotel/s.
    When Mr. Manchester publicly apologizes to all the above and makes some changes in his actions; then perhaps his words and actions can be trusted by the people he is seeking amends.

  • mark


    Auntie Tom

  • mark

    @No. 44

    Ken Mehlman

  • brilliantgreen

    You know what makes me laugh about this whole thing… people are mad because their “personal business” is being aired out for everyone to see and judge and punish them for. Ironic? I have no problem with people standing up for what they believe in – no matter how wrong and amoral it maybe – but if you are gonna do something as stupid as donate money to a hate cause, do it loud and proud so everyone knows who you are, or don’t bother at all.

  • Denis B-B

    He is a huge hypocrite. He committed adultery yet spews on and on about the importance of marriage. He keeps his fingers in his employee’s pocket. he is generally an evil man who prays to the dollar.

  • che8701

    This business is not doing well because the economy no because of gays. You are so ignorant. you talk about haters but you gays are the haters of all. If noone agree with you lostfull life style they are haters please go convince some ignorant

  • che8701

    He does not need to contribute anything at all

  • DeAnimator

    Nope. Boycott should stand. Put those bigots out of business. Wake up, commodified queer zombies and stop consuming- especially from companies that want you disenfranchised.

  • geoff

    @che8701: When you can compose a coherent sentence, please post back. Until then, kindly fuck off, you bigoted asswipe.

  • petted

    “I’m not ready to make nice cause I’m mad as hell”

  • Phoenix (Ahoy! Butt-Pirates Of the Carribean!)

    Too little, too late. folks who fund, promote, or vote for LGBT hate do not get my money. Not now, not ever. You don’t like my queer ass, you must not like my queer ca$h either. I don’t care what the Auntie Toms say, you can’t make up for this shit…not with a donation, not with an apology, not with nothing!

    @ 44, Roy Cohn.

  • mark

    I’m MORE vindictive than most. I say once we bankrupt “papa”, we buy his damn hotels at 10 cents on the dollar, and make them gay friendly resorts.

    Adding insult to injury… always a nice touch. It is a clear shot across the bow to any other fool who thinks it’s financially rewarding to F*CK with us, or our Human Rights.

  • Steve

    If he contributes $100,000,000 to the campaign to reverse Prop 8, AND if that campaign succeeds, AND if most of the damage can be undone, then I might support his business. Until then, no.

    There are a lot of other hotels and restaurants out there, with owners who genuinely support equal rights. I wouldn’t want to reduce my business to any of them.

  • Paul

    @che8701: let me guess, your mother was impregnanted with you by a fat, drunk, syphilis infected KGB officer and living in Chernobyl right after the meltdown. You were then raised on a diet of potatoes and vodka. Your now living in Italy working in the kitchen of a mental institution and your obsessed with American culture. Thank you for your opinion comrade!


    PLEASE, LET HIM LEARN FROM HIS MISTAKE. If he didn’t have a heart when he donated to take away gays’ right to marry, I don’t think he will ever have a true conscience (I dislike when they use their conscience to justify their hate). All his motives are a result of his greed for money, and it’s not a desire to undo his shameful disloyalty to gay customers.

    My heart will start to heal only after there is equality in california. This is the State I consider my home (where I have lived for almost 15 years). I want California to be a better home for all its citizens, and not just to those who wants to impose their beliefs on the rest of us.



    @Joanaroo: I really appreciate having straight people who understand our struggle. It’s not easy to live in a community where for being gay one becomes the joke and the target to those who can’t understand that being gay is not a choice.

    I once was jumped buy some straight guys at a Dennis (right in front of Dennys) and the first two guys who came out for my rescue were straight guys. I was thankful, but also dissapointed because I never understood if I did anything wrong.


    @che8701: what’s lostfull?

    My guess is that you meant to write “lustful” life style. So, with whom have you being hanging out? I agree with you on some part, there are indeed lust in many of us. There could be lust in you as there could be lust in me. If you are saying that only gay people live a life style that revolved in lust, you’re wrong and IGNORANT.

    Clearly, don’t let your hate get in the way of your reasoning and judment upon others.

    oh, and Papa Mama, whatever his name happens to be, is for sure being affected by the economy, but he would been doing so much better with some gay dollars, dont’ you think. You don’t have to be a business man to understand that conclusion.

  • Nickadoo

    @paulied: Aunt Bruce?

  • steven

    wow! I am overwhelmed by the passionate responses here. how did we lose the election. I am outraged when my gay brothers and sisters living in the “ghetto” think life is so perfect that they forget or don’t bother to vote. or donate for that matter. Iowa before California, indeed. we need to get out and change this nationally. boycott, break Papa? who cares? You think he is to blame for our lose. Get the President and the rest of the politicos to come out IN FAVOR nationally for equal rights in all aspects of our lives including Marriage and the Military.

  • The Milkman

    @che8701: Honey, go take your Seroquel before the nurse finds out you’re on the computer without supervision.

    I think it’s hysterical that most of the people who are supporters of bigots like Manchester can’t muster enough cognitive wattage to slap together a coherent sentence.

  • Mike

    My answer would be to continue to boycott. Any person who says that they have religious reasons for opposing equal rights is bullshit. Why can I say that, because my boss is Muslim and he actively supports anti-discrimination laws and while he doesn’t support gay marriage, he doesn’t oppose it either (he feels it’s none of his business who gets married, it won’t affect his marriage one way or another… damnit, why is such a simple concept so hard for so many people to understand).
    And unlike this bozo hotel owner, my boss gave all his employees at least a 25cent an hour raise this year, despite revenue being down, because he knew that all of us needed the money and he knew he could handle the extra expense if he put off other less urgent expenses like updating computers or replacing shower curtains… I think we may be the only hotel in the state of Utah that got raises.
    Oh, his attitude towards the two gay employees at the hotel… the guests love you guys, you get your work done, I hope neither of you ever leave… he doesn’t even care about the sexuality of any employee.

    So, if a conservative Muslim is capable of showing fairness and equality despite his religious teachings, I see no reason why a catholic (or a mormon, or a baptist, or any other faith) can’t also. So, when Dougie dearest decides he can at the very least follow the example of my manager, then I may consider spending money at one of his hotels again… until then, I’ll keep my money within the same hotel group I work… because btw, it is nice that my boss feels the way he does, because if he didn’t, corporate would force him to act that way anyway.

  • mark

    The radical reich is making a HUGE stink about Wanda Syke’s routine at the Washington Correspondant’s dinner, and writing Applebees to have them cancel Wanda being their spokewoman.
    Breibart TV has thread of over 500+ ugly racist homobigotted sh*t about Obama and Wanda.
    write Applebees comments and rave about Wanda and how you’ll eat there MORE cuz of her.


  • Joanaroo

    Thanx E4AC! I’m sorry to hear of your suffering a hate crime. I wish more people felt that everyone is equal. As someone discriminated against for childhood obesity and then depression most of my life I have-albeit not suffering as harshly as our LGBT friends-felt sadness at being different. Now I fight back and just can’t understand how the so-called religious have the most hate.

  • Joanaroo

    Mark-thanx for the info. This goes along with what I had in my reply above about all the right-wing/religious hate. IT’s SCARY! Now how anyone could threaten Wanda-she is SO FUNNY! “Wanda At Large” always had me crying from laughing so hard and she’s great in the cartoon “Back In The Barnyard”! Please SUPPORT WANDA!

  • E.B.

    Why can’t people just respect other peoples opinions and beliefs?

    What does your opinion on LGBT’s marrying have to do with anything? You oppose?
    SO WHAT! What does it have to do with you? NOTHING.

    Love is Love no matter who it’s between.

    Screw god, how do you know s/he was LGBT? You don’t!!

    Just live your own Life. How would you like it if you were told you couldn’t be with the one you loved because, oh i don’t know, your hair color, or eye color was the same? You hypocritical people against same sex would flip if the laws changed to something ridiculous like that.

    Listen, I may only be 16, not gay or lesbian or anything else but straight, and I may not be the brightest or the most expirienced at life, but at least I can see what you blind people can’t. This argument is out of control , everyone needs to stop hating! Just breath and worry about your own lives.


  • Al Benson

    a bribe is a little too late now that they have overturned 18,000 marriages.

    He is hurting and he should be damaged as much as possible by this boycott…We really don’t need his stinking quarter million, we can raise that ourselves, what we do need is an object lesson to what happens to haters like him. he can shove his money in his magic underpants.

  • Kurt

    @atdleft: AMEN!!! And nothing less!

  • Stamp

    First off, the business of the woman at El Coyote is a gay embarrassment, to gay people. $100? People have tried to explain to me why it is good for people to see what you donate your money to-it’s public record, and it is actually none of anybody’s business. It has provided witch hunts for all the wrong reasons. An increasingly intolerant gay public demands that everyone be of the same opinion, or else…it’s nice we butched up the act, but this Karl Rovian idea of fear makes change, will not work.

  • Jack

    Just keep sending out that message that if you donate to an organization against our cause we will destroy you. This is going to end in one of two ways. Either it will backfire and prop 8 will not be repealed in the 2010 election or you will have won just by terrorizing everybody into submission. Either way you will get your wish. So keep at it idiots.

  • Distingué Traces

    Fuck him.

    Even the “apology” is an insult – nothing in support of gay marriage, just the separate-but-equal bullshit of civil unions.

  • Rob Moore

    No forgiveness unless whe donates his entire fortune to campaign for marriage equality without any hint of a quid pro quo, then maybe.

  • Andrew

    I say pretend to engage, encourage donation, take his money, and then still boycott his properties. Nothing worse than a greedy hypocrite. F*ck him.

  • Attmay

    This breeder pig fucker stole our rights. We should not only continue to boycott the dumps he owns but vandalize them as well.

    You will toe the gay line or you will pay dearly.

  • Denis B-B

    He is a adulterous hypocrite. He cheats on his wife and then wants to protect marriage?

  • Russ


    I hate that slur “breeder”, I am gay and I have kids, is it supposed to imply that gay people can’t have kids?

  • jason

    If we’re not good enough to be married, I don’t see why we’re good enough to stay in his hotel. He can have his rooms.

  • Attmay

    @Russ: Then what is another derogatory term for haterosexuals?

    Are your kids adopted or did you father them with a surrogate?

  • Cam

    Gee, how nice of the Ku Klux Klan to let us use their clubhouse when they aren’t there.

  • Chris

    I hope the Hotel goes out of business, Prop 8 gets overturned, and he lays out on the streets missing his $250,000. I don’t see how the boycott is fear mongering as some are saying, it’s refusing to support someone who doesn’t respect us. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, isn’t that the saying?

  • Charlie

    this isn’t a flip-flop, this is business as usual for these people. The damage that he did, and the other contributors did, cannot be reversed by a $125,000 donation to anyone, and NO ONE should accept it. It is, plain and simple, blood money, and not even a conscience decision on his part – he just doesn’t like losing money.

    And I’d be willing to bet, that in 2010 or 2012 or in other state elections, he will be right there with his wallet open again – only this time he will be more crafty about hiding the donations

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