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This flirty Instagram post between Jerry Falwell Jr. and his ‘personal trainer’ is probably nothing

The mysterious relationship between homophobic president of Liberty University Jerry Falwell Jr. and his 20-something personal trainer Ben Crosswhite just got even more mysterious… Or less mysterious… We’re not sure which.

Yesterday, we shared a video posted back in March 2017 on Crosswhite’s Instagram page depicting him and Falwell working out together.

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In the video, Crosswhite can be seen holding the camera out in front of him while Falwell pushes him on a sled from behind.

“Come on!” he orders. “Faster! Come on! Push it!”

Falwell grunts in response.

“Let’s go!” Crosswhite demands. “Come on!”

This inspired us to do little more digging into Falwell’s Instagram page, where we found another, shall we say, gem.

On March 13, 2013, Falwell posted a picture of a rainbow without a caption. The post received a mere 23 likes and one comment. The sole comment came from Crosswhite and simply reads, “I love rainbows ;)”

We can’t help but wonder: What’s with the rainbow? And what’s with the winky face?

Last week, it was revealed that Falwell had arranged to give Crosswhite a sprawling, multi-million dollar, 18-acre fitness facility belonging to his non-profit university plus an additional $650,000 for almost nothing in return.

Both Falwell and Crosswhite denied anything nefarious was going on, with Falwell insisting he’s merely a “business mentor” to the young personal trainer, and Crosswhite putting out a statement saying that he has a wife who he loves very, very much.

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