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Florida AG Bill McCollum’s Mission to Keep Homosexuals From Ever Caring For Another Person’s Child

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, who wants to be the state’s next governor, wants to add “becoming foster parents” next to “becoming adoptive parents” among the things the state forbids gays to do. Funny story: The only reason McCollum’s BFF and expert witness George Alan Rekers, a gay man, was able to adopt his son (who is the same age as rentboy Jo-Vanni Roman) was because he was married to a woman. Coming soon: Bill lobbies to banning gays from babysitting.

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    What a vile disgusting fucking scumbag……You would think this scumbag would steer as far away from any subject with the word Gay attached to it due to his paying an absolutley incompetent unqualified charlatan George Reekers $120,000.00 of taxpayers money for his “expert” testimony. Hey scumbag FYI, the majority of the foster kids Gays take in are not bright bouncing lilly white newborns. They are kids who have laungished in the system for years being bounced around and abused without ever having a stable home enviroment. That is so much better than having Gays allow them to creat a stable loving family for them……

    McCollum is an absolute vile hatefull pandering lowest form of scum who is nothing more than a stain on the human race. Simply pandering to a hategroup to gain their favor while caring absolutley nothing for the thousands of kids languishing in institutions……..HE IS A DESPICABLE VILE REPREHENSIVE PIECE OF SHIT WITH ARMS AND LETS ATTACHED TO IT. SATAN HAS A SPECIAL CORNER IN HELL RESERVED FOR PANDERING SCUM LIKE HIM ……


    @pete: Waaaaay too much caffine this morning………. :-p

  • the crustybastard

    As for all the poor heterosexual lifestyle choices that produces those legions of unwanted children?

    Not an issue.

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