Florida Bathhouse Gets In On The RNC Homo-Baiting Action With Free Admission For Delegates

The Republican National Convention is really turning out to be a real humdinger for getting your dinger hummed with a bathhouse in the super-gay-friendly district known as Ybor City offering free admission to Grand Ole Partiers.

RNC attendees can get attended for free at Ybor Resort & Spa, where they can take their rough trade and/or Grindr conquests and enjoy the spa’s many amenities such as a regulation size tournament billiards table, gang showers, an easily-rented sling room and free computer stations so those conservative corn-holers can keep up with their work. This trip after all is more business than pleasure.

Though there’s nothin’ sayin’ they can’t make it their business to get pleasured along the way.

Photos: Ybor Resort & Spa

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  • LadyL

    Words fail me. Momentarily.

  • doug105

    Even if I went to bathhouses would stay home that week.

  • Aidan8

    Any RNC-attendee who visits a gay bathhouse should be publicly outed and shamed for his hypocrisy.

  • D P

    I think the Ybor Resort & Spa is going to need additional slings mounted to accomodate the crush of closeted GOP screaming bottoms coming into town.

  • randallreynolds

    Now THIS is just splendid. Bigots deserve to be taunted and mocked whenever possible.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Alas, who in their right [pun intended] mind would want to fuck those assholes [pun intended]?

  • GayTampaCowboy

    To poster #6, there are a FEW GOP bigots i’d take great delight in pounding (using spit for lube ahahah)…..i mean, they’ve been F#&King us for decades, so turn about is fair play…..oh, and i hope my local homo’s have plenty of room on their cell phones for photos of GOPer’s who sample the best of Tampa’s gay community! :)

  • Peter

    Staph, syphilis, gonorrhea… I wouldn’t encourage anyone to visit a bathhouse, not even a Republican. Even if you’re infected, there’s no point in getting reinfected. Stay safe, stay healthy.

  • Dumdum

    Golly gee wiz. Holy republican corn-holer Batman!!! So do Gay republicans bash themselves in the parking lot or alley? And isn’t GAY REPUBLICAN an oxymoron? Maybe the word is MORON!

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