War On Pride

Florida County Repeals Ban On Gay Pride But Not Without Stupid Comments

Victor_CristOn Wednesday, Hillsborough County, FL, unanimously voted to repeal a ban on county sponsorship of gay pride events in the area that includes Pinellas and Sarasota (you know, where Cougar Town takes place). The vote took place nearly eight years to the day the ban was enacted.

However, the vote was not without derogatory language. Three of the Republicans that voted in favor of the repeal made it clear that they didn’t actually do it in support of gay rights or the larger community. They also contended that the move was not meant to be a statement that the county would fund LGBTQ events in the future.

The vote quickly turned into a platform for the likes of County Commissioner Victor Crist (pictured) and the two other Republicans to slam a community they clearly know nothing about, although Crist does appear well versed on various forms of skimpy undergarments.

“Parading around in lingerie, pasties, G-Strings, and outfits that promote your sexual organs is not necessarily an appropriate thing to do in Hillsborough County, even though it’s appropriate in Key West,” said Crist, a former Florida State Senator.

According to the Daily Loaf, “Crist said that events like the ribald Fantasy Fest held annually in Key West would create ‘feuds’ in Hillsborough,” which is considered a conservative county. So, in order to comfort voters he felt it necessary to speak out against gay rallies and similar events, events that he considered to be “pornographic in nature and overly sexually explicit.”

While it’s highly unlikely such a ban will ever be enacted again, you can be that Crist is going to rage a war on Gay Christmas come October.

Oh, and Key West does sound like fun with everyone running around in pasties and the like!

On a serious note, congrats are in order to the LGBTQ community in Hillsborough for the ban’s lift, which comes at a time when pride events are shaping up around the country.

[Photo: WikiCommons]