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Florida elementary school teacher under fire for reading book about gay bunnies in class

A first grade teacher at Pinecrest Elementary School in Seminole County, FL has become the subject of an internal investigation after reading the comedy book A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo to his class.

Faculty at Pinecrest Elementary began receiving complaints after a teacher read the comedy children’s book–the brainchild of late night host John Oliver–in the classroom. Marlon Bundo, named for Vice President Mike Pence’s pet rabbit, lampoons the Vice President’s anti-LGBTQ policy positions, and encourages readers to love themselves.

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The grandparent of one student felt taken aback by the reading. “I don’t think it’s fair they are not telling the other parents about what they read. Noah comes home one day and asks us if it’s OK for two male bunnies to get married. I said, ‘By our beliefs, no. But we do not judge nobody.’” Even the parent of a gay child felt uncomfortable. “It’s not something that should be in an elementary school.”

The teacher, whose name has not been disclosed, remains in the classroom pending the results of the investigation. School officials have not commented on a timetable for its conclusion.