Florida Family Association Warns All Of Orlando About Gays At Disney World

THE SHOT – The Florida Family Association’s airborne banner warning everyone in Orlando about teh gays at Disney World. They said, “FFA wants to warn these families about this offensive event before they arrive at the Magic Kingdom on Saturday.” You can see looping video of the sky banner at their website. Can we just say we love the word “WARNING” at the start of the banner? Makes us sound like Captain Hook or Ursula the Sea Witch (you know that most Disney villains are gay, right?)

Image via Towleroad

And just because, we had to add this video (God we miss the 90s… sorta, sometimes):

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  • J. Calvin

    “Surrender Dorothy”

  • Kevin

    Has anyone read up on David Caton, the main guy of the FFA? He’s a porn and sex addict who is supposedly recovering. As we all know the saying when you point a finger at someone you have more pointing back at you? He is just trying to cover up for all the homosexual sex he has had and watched on the computer. I bet he has a huge x-tube account full of gay porn. Will someone please seize his computer and expose him for what he really is?

  • ChrisC

    The tactics of these little “Family” Associations and Groups, are getting more and more pathetic and shallow; Which just shows us one thing: they know that they are loosing; and fast, so they need to do what they think is “Pulling out the big guns”. Losers.

  • erdos

    I want to know how much they spent to do this.

  • TMikel

    Whatever they spent on this, it means less money for them to use in other ways. Gay Day at Disneyworld is a time honored event, well publicized and any family that wants to spare its children the SHOCKING news that there are people in this world who are different, can and will simply stay away. As their power gets less and less, the right wingnuts’ voices get shriller and their stunts more desperate. I am reminded of Aunt Pittypat in Gone With the Wind- “Yankees in Georgia! How did they ever get in?” Gays in Disneyworld, How did the ever get in? By paying admission. Ride Space Mountain once for me!

  • Me

    It’s not a warning, it’s a reminder.

    “WARNING don’t miss Gay Day 6/4 at Disney World.”

  • meagain


  • Mac McNeill

    I think this is a great thing. Just think if we’re lucky we won’t have put up with those people that hate us so much at the park. Gays get to enjoy Disney World with the hate.


    We thank you for the free advertising.

  • :)

    I thought Disney World was a no-fly zone.

  • The Hu$tleman

    great idea, no DECENT family would bring their kids to Disney World on gay day. That type of immoral behavior shouldn’t be viewed by children.

  • ChrisC

    @The Hu$tleman: This is comeing from a person whos blog is full of illogical ramblings and perversion? Why the fuck are you on an LGBT news website? Dumbass or Closetcase?

  • Troy McClure

    @The Hu$tleman:

    No DECENT family would let their kids alone with any kind of “religious” authority figure.

    No DECENT family would let their kids be indoctrinated into fearing an invisible man who gets pissed off if they masturbate.

    Jesus knows what YOU did last night! We just got off the phone. He said you are one stupid fuck. His brother Satan (mor-m-ons believe that) agreed and said he can’t wait to poke your wrinkled ass with his red pointy tail for all eternity.

    Jesus: over 30 and never married, hung out with twelve men, including the disciple he LOVED.

    Judas: jealous bitch, catty queen pissed off he didn’t get fucked every 12th night, said, “I’ll show that bitch!” Major league asshole, rates HIGH: Cheney on the asshole scale.

  • BlogShag

    Oh my God, maybe this really should have been two countries. I can’t believe what I’m reading and seeing with this article.

  • BlogShag

    The warning probably backfired on them. It just notified those that may not have been aware of gay day that it was happening and gave them more publicity.

    I’ve always been surprised that a goody two shoe company like Disney allowed this kind of stuff, but judging what I’ve seen from Touchstone Pictures and videos produced by Hollywood Records, they’re squeaky clean image is just marketing and appeals to those that want that as opposed to raunchy and edgy like their other stuff.

  • codyj

    florida…during race week (Daytona) ,they had a plane SKY-WRITING over the racetrack..REPENT,REPENT, The ‘kingdom” is at hand….LOVE the weather here, but areas choked with ignorant fundies

  • Navi

    what is gay day?

  • G.G.

    As a gay man Im in support of equality for all. However why do we need a “Gay Day” at Disney. Its sad to say but there are small percentage of gays who like to be over the top at events like this. Im all about being who you are but sometimes they like to push it a too far. Id pass on this day at Disney.

  • Flipper

    @G.G.: Years ago, I would have agreed with you. My partner and I went to our first Gay Days about 10 years ago, and were very put off by the scads of men in Tinkerbell wings and princess hats. We went last year for the first time since, and it was massively different – the park was full of gay men just having fun. No one acting or dressing obnoxiously over the top, but still not being afraid to be openly gay. Many couples – my partner and I included – felt safe walking through the park holding hands. We just went again yesterday, and it was the same experience.

    Long story short, give things a chance. And if there is still a “small percentage” of gays who are obnoxious, how different is that than the small percentage of straight people at Disney who act obnoxiously?

  • G.G.

    @ Flipper… Thank you for your input:) Funny part is that I booked a trip to Disney starting tomorrow not know about “Gay Days”. From my understanding this is the last day of Gay Days at Disney?? I agree with you on your last statement and maybe next year I will book during Gay Days.

  • Michael

    @erdos: Thank you. It seems really odd these family “values” associations seem to have an endless supply of cash.

  • Kaitlyn

    @erdos: $7,000 was what they spent to fly this laughable banner

  • Jeffree

    In the words of my Disney-employee Christopher, “Every day is Gay Day in the Magic Kingdom.” I’m not sure how accurate he is, but he claims that at least 15% of full time employees at D’World are LGBT, and the number goes up for part- time & seasonal employees.

    I’ve been to GayDay twice (2005 & 2009?) & it was hella-fun but pretty low key. I heard it used to be a lot more “colorful” in the 90s.

  • Trelindtr

    @The Hu$tleman:

    “Jesus knows what YOU did last night! We just got off the phone. He said you are one stupid fuck. His brother Satan (mor-m-ons believe that) agreed and said he can’t wait to poke your wrinkled ass with his red pointy tail for all eternity.”

    Jesus knows what I did last night. I watched some Glee (I’m so missing Brothers & Sisters on Sundays), read some blogs, and applied for some jobs. I’m pretty sure Jesus is ok with that. I also enjoyed a nice Oreo Milkshake. The night before I enjoyed the company of friends for their birthday and got some late night pizza for $.99. It’s funny because I make my own decisions with or without Jesus’s permission.

    Maybe that’s because people like you make it so damn difficult to place my believe in someone who is ultimately going to send me to heaven or hell for the way I live whether I believe or not (if what you say is true). I’m not a murderer, I don’t steal, I’m a genuinely nice person, and I happen to want to be in a relationship with another man who treats me well and I will do the same. If that’s living a life that’s going to drag me to hell, then I’m fine with it…I hear the weather is always warm…kinda like in Disney World! I was not placed in this life to follow.

    It’s quite clear that what you’re spewing on this website and probably in your simple and desperate life will ultimately drag you down with us. Luckily, we’ll all be in good company…but you?…no so much. Us fags, we stick together.

    Gosh, what goes on in your head must be difficult to deal with…You sound like an unhappy, ugly, nasty human…you have my pity. Peace be with you.

  • justnow

    @erdos: 7 fucking grand

  • TheRealAdam

    @BlogShag: It all comes down to money. Companies will market their services – or certain access privileges – to gays and lesbians in the hope that they will bring a huge revenue.

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