Florida Finally Ready to Ban Actual Deviant Behavior


Florida is the state where you must go to court to establish a gay-straight alliance in a school, cannot adopt kids if you’re gay, and entertains a campaign that brands transgender men and women as child molesters just because they want to use the bathrooms of the sex they identify as. Florida is the state that on Nov. 4 joined the esteemed list of states to ban gay marriage and civil unions. But did you know Florida is also a state that still allows, uh, man-dog sex?

In fact, it’s one of 16 such states with no specific law on the books banning bestiality. Now, Florida’s “State’s Senate agriculture committee, in a long overdue measure, has voted unanimously to charge anyone who has sex with animals with a third-degree felony.”

Progress, America!

Update: Looks like Alaska is joining the fray, too. [AP]