Florida Gay Man Distraught Over Obama Victory Commits Suicide

Most of us homosexuals were jubilant over Barack Obama‘s victory on Election Day, but one gay man in Key West was distraught—so distraught, it seems, that he took his own life.
The body of Henry Smith Hamilton, 64, was discovered in his apartment by police on Thursday morning. Sitting on his bathroom sink was a copy of his living will with the handwritten note, “Do not revive! Fuck Obama!”

Hamilton, who was active in local AIDS charities, been depressed over problems with his tanning-salon business and was “very upset”  about the recent presidential election, Michael Cossey, his partner of 11 years, said.  “If Barack gets re-elected, I’m not going to be around,” Hamilton had apparently threatened.

Open bottles for Xanax and other prescription drugs were discovered in the home, according to police, but were in Cossey’s name. Cossey, 31, said yesterday that he didn’t think Hamilton had taken his pills but that he may have mixed other meds with alcohol.

The results of an autopsy are still pending, but authorities say there’s no evidence of foul play or trauma.

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