Florida Lt. Gov Apologizes For Dissing Lesbians, Flattering Herself

After Lieutenant Gov. Jennifer Carroll of Florida dismissed rumors she had a same-sex liaison by saying “black women that look like me,” don’t have lesbian relationships, she pissed off a lot of folks in the Sunshine State, gay and straight. Two weeks—and an online petition later—she’s apologized, calling her comment “wrong and inexcusable.”

The trouble started when a former aide claimed to have caught Carroll in a compromising position with another staffer.  Instead of just denying the allegation, Carroll had to go and suggest African-American lesbians look like Rosey Grier.

But in a letter she faxed to Nadine Smith of Equality Florida—the group that organized the petition—she admitted her error:

“It is wrong and inexcusable to make a comment that hurts people, and that was not my intention. As a Christian, my faith guides me to love and respect all people.

The false charges that have been lodged against me are no excuse for what I have said that may have been hurtful to members of your organization and to other Floridians.

Please know that I am committed to treating every person with the utmost courtesy, respect and dignity and I hope you will accept my heartfelt apology.”

Smith gracious accepted Carroll’s apology and said it was a rare example of a politician admitting they made a mistake:

“Lt. Governor Carroll expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to communicate her commitment to treating everyone with respect and dignity. She invited Equality Florida to reach out to her office if she could be of assistance and I offered our organization as a resource as well. Apologies by elected leaders for public mistakes are rare and it is to the Lt. Governor’s credit that she has taken this step.”

It’s all well and good Carroll feels bad about insulting black lesbians, but lets see some action from her on LGBT issues. Or, as a Christian, does her faith not direct her to defend the rights of all people equally?

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  • Daez

    All these apologies are so similar it is almost like they come from some book on how to work Christianity into the daily conversation. Basically they go like this…

    “Blah, blah, blah! (Christian!) Blah! Blah!”

    Now how they work in the Christian part varies from time to time, but that is the basic formula.

  • Charli

    Ive seem men that look BETTA than that woman!
    My girl is smoking got and she would leave her in the dust!!!
    As far as her lame apology.. PA LEASE!!! Whatever!!!!

  • Brian

    What did the original comment mean? Is she thinking that women who link romantically with women only do so because they are undateable by men? Or maybe she is saying she is too unattractive for women, so she is left only to hetero men?

  • Diesel69


  • Charli

    LOL… Yeah your right!!! She’s feeling a little insecure… But I’m sure somebody would want to date her ” somewhere” But I sure wouldn’t!!!! But if you think about it, most heteros think JUST like that!!! And when my GF and I go out it sure pisses them off that they are WRONG and shocked!!!
    Oh well that’s what they get for being prejudice and trying to bunch us all in to ONE group! Sexist homophobes are a dieing breed.

  • cam

    Just another closet case politician.

  • Paul

    Phhhht. Whatever. She lost me at “as a christian” which means as a homophobic, hypocritical, all-knowing and I don’t care what religion you are my god is better than your god and you are evil to not believe in him so you are going to burn in hell….FUCK YOU BITCH!!!!

    Can you tell I think organized religion is, without a doubt, one of the worst things that ever happened to society?

  • F Stratford

    Hopefully this hater has been neutralized. One less to worry about.


    A bitch got to do what a bitch got to do..


    @Diesel69: WTF why dose anyone want to be a fucking Christian any way? Diesel you are stupid.


    @Paul: AHAHAHA Paul, you are god indeed. Remember the cult call Christianity that told the world “the Jews kiiled god” and what “WE” bloody Christian did to them in the name of fucking dead god!..


    @Diesel69: you are fucking bitch JESUS no one savior unless you are fucking Catholic.

  • Geri

    Didn’t she actually say: “usually black women that look like me don’t engage in relationships like that.” ?

    If that’s what she actually said than I’d like to point out that what she said is most certainly true – albeit expressed in a somewhat undiplomatic way.

    And secondly, it is not actually a denial that she has engaged in such a relationship. :)

  • scribe37

    @Geri: I’m sorry, are you saying there are not black lip-stick lesbians? Buddy just come to Detroit, we have more than a few beautiful black sisters who like other sisters. Just like every gay male doesn’t present as girlie (I work in construction as a Millwright and can out weld every str8 dude working for me), every lesbian is not butch.

  • Geri

    @scribe37: No, of course I’m not saying “there are not black lip-stick lesbians”

    And I am absolutely not expressing an opinion that Jennifer Carroll cannot be a lesbian, or a bisexual women – or a more or less straight “bi-curious” woman who has tried sex with women – because of how she looks either. That would be utterly ridiculous considering who and what I am.

    I was pointing out that what she said (as I’ve seen it reported) is not actually a denial that she has had a same-sex relationship.

    Also, I have news for you “buddy”. You seriously need to work on your English comprehension skills.

  • mike ramon

    Women like Carroll always try to look and act white and no doubt look down their noses at any African American who is not light. You know very well that she does not date dark skinned black men, probably only light skinned and white men, she is biggoted. If this offends her I’m sorry I used a poor choice of words, next time I should pick my words more carefully.

  • Bi-Curious Women

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