Florida Man Arrested For Being A Total Buzzkill At Disney’s Gay Days

ORCO_PRED_TOWING.transferWhile Disney-loving queens were partying it up to what we can only imagine to be deep house remixes of the Frozen soundtrack at the annual Gay Days at Disney World in Orlando, FL in early June, one local man decided to try out the role of evil mastermind. It’s not going so well for him.

Jason Combs, the owner of ASAP Towing Company, spent the celebratory weekend illegally towing car after car from a parking lot across the street from the DoubleTree Hotel, Gay Days’ host. He had no authority to tow, and his company has been described by local residents as “predatory.” It’s estimated he made around $16,000 in towing fees.

Along with the 29 counts of grand theft auto he now faces, investigators are also looking into the possibility that Combs’ actions could be considered a hate crime as it appears he targeted the victims based on their sexual orientation. Eyewitness reports claim Combs and his employees were “aggressive, using sexually charged slurs.”

If convicted, Jason’s about to enter a whole new world.

via WFTV