Florida Senate Likes Gay Bullying, Panties.

The Florida Senate cares more about teenager’s underwear than homo’s safety. They adjourned yesterday after squashing the Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act, named for a 15-year old could take his peers’ incessant anti-gay bullying and killed himself. They did, however, have time to pass an amendment forbidding students from showing their underwear while wearing low-cut pants. An amendment!! On panties! Kids are flattened by the taunts of homophobic jerks and all these politicians can do is talk about drawers? Did we wake up in an alternate universe?

Putting an end to the matter, Republican Senator Stephen Wise sneered: “I don’t want to talk about it anymore, it’s dead. These people are bullying me.” Now that’s class. Especially considering Johnston’s mother, Debra, has been rallying for her dead, bullied son. (She and Mrs. Shepard should form a gang.)

Not all Republicans are as callous as Senator Wise. Republican Representative Gary Aubuchon commended Debra’s work:

She said that it was her son Jeffrey’s wish to change the world and this is her chance to see Jeffrey’s legacy come true. Debra, I salute you and ask for unanimous support for this wonderful bill.

Aubuchon’s House peers also support Debra’s mission: they voted to approve it two days ago. Never fear, like all good super-heroes, Debra’s vowed to keep fighting the good fight. And to look good doing it.

Anti-bullying legislation declared ‘dead’ [Tallahassee Democrat]

(You’ll notice we erroneously wrote that this story took place in Tennessee. It didn’t. It took place in Florida. Sorry for the mistake. Believe it or not, we’re human. And as for you, reader “Annoyed Queer” (clever!), we do make corrections, actually. Perhaps you’re not reading hard enough, like us this morning. See, we’re even.)