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This Florida student is saying gay all over the place and school officials are freaking out

Image: Twitter

Zander Moricz is many impressive things: an openly gay 18 year old, a Class President, a Harvard-bound future Government major. He’s also the youngest public plaintiff in the lawsuit against Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and is preparing to say gay at his school in a big way.

Moricz is poised to deliver a speech at Pine View High School’s graduation as Class President, and after helping fight Ron DeSantis’ infamous bill, we’re sure he has plenty to say. However, in a Twitter thread Moricz published Monday afternoon, it’s clear his high school administration is just as committed to not saying gay as the bill intended.

This apparently isn’t the first time these administrators have blatantly threatened Moricz (the only openly gay Class President in their school’s history, mind you). While organizing a “Say Gay” walkout at the school in March, Moricz was allegedly told school security would be sent after him if he didn’t shut it down.

Despite the threats, Moricz’s walkout went on to become the largest of its kind in the school’s county. In the face of the most recent threats to his graduation speech, Moricz and the SEE Initiative (Social Equity and Education) are prepared to send thousands of “Say Gay” stickers to graduating Seniors across the state to wear when they walk the stage (eligible Seniors can sign up to receive theirs here).

Even if his graduation speech ends up censored (we have a feeling he’ll push as many boundaries as ever), Moricz and the SEE Initiative’s message is clear: try as they may, they can never silence us all.

With courageous people like Zander Moricz on our side, the powers that be should know by now that the queer community will not be intimidated.