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Florida Teens Will Get Their Gay-Straight Alliance. Florida Tweens? Nope


Caving to a lawsuit from the ACLU, Florida’s School Board of Nassau County will agree not to discriminate or retaliate against attempts to create a Gay-Straight Alliance at Yulee High School. You’ll recall administrators refused to let student Hannah Page form the GSA because it was called, uh, a GSA, so the ACLU sued in February. Still not reconciled: Allowing the district’s middle school to form a GSA, which the school board insists it has the right to do. Because it will make young people homosexuals!

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  • galefan2004

    Damn, if only it were that easy. This whole country would be gay by now if only we could turn them by exposing them to actual reality. Nope, instead the whole country is whacked out fucking christers because you honestly can brain wash people into religion.

  • Lauren

    I wore a ‘If You’re GAY, Today’s The Day’ homemade sandwich board to my Florida high school once in an effort to get a gay club moving, then transferred to a school that already had one, and then all the clubs went on strike as the teacher’s protested… something. High school was lame.

  • denguyfl

    As someone in the very near vicinity of the county in this article, you wouldn’t imagine how homophobic they are. I live in the county immediately to the south of Nassau county where Yulee is located. When it comes to yeehaw, in north Florida, that is where it at. This is a big deal. Please stop diminishing what it is.

    North florida is often call “South Georgia.” As a resident of Jacksonville I hardly have room to disagree with that sentiment. I went to the most progressive high school in my county (Duval) and yet the closetted principal actually blacked out the article about gay students from the final HS paper when I was a senior. By blacked out I mean there was a huge ass black box where the article was to have been published. So to me a life-long resident of NE FL with absolutely no intention of giving in to the hate -monger this is actually a big deal. Do not diminish it for what it is.

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