Messy Manny

Floyd Mayweather Wants Manny Pacquiao To Stop Trashing Gays


Homophobic boxer Manny Pacquiao is getting dressed down for his comments about gays from an unlikely source – another (kinda) homophobic boxer- in this case Floyd Mayweather. Back to him shortly, but first…

It all started when Pacquiao incited outrage with the following comments on Filipino TV:

“It’s common sense. Will you see any animals where male is to male and female is to female? The animals are better. They know how to distinguish male from female. If we approve [of] male on male, female on female, then man is worse than animals.”

Although most people are aware that homosexuality is found in many species of animals, that wasn’t the point. People were understandably outraged that Pacquiano compared LGBT people to animals, and the backlash was so swift that he apologized on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.59.57 AM

The Tweet was paired with a short video spoken in Filipino where he said:

“But this does not change my position against same sex marriage. That’s what I believe. My only mistake is comparing gay people to animals.”


Nike is also not amused. The brand has had a relationship with Pacquiao since around 2006, but TMZ is reporting that they’re thisclose to dropping him. Given their LGBT-friendly reputation lately, we wouldn’t be surprised if the brand cut ties with a known homophobe.

Enter Floyd Mayweather, who caught a bit of flack for liberal use of the “f-word” a few years ago and had some advice for Pacquiano when TMZSports caught up with him:

“I think we should stay positive and I think we should let people live their lives the way they want to live their lives.”

We honestly think both of these Mensa members should take a time out, but good for Mayweather for finally coming around, we guess. Check out the video below via TMZSports: