Fly Young Red Aims To Empower Feminine Men, May Become LGBT Activist

fly-young-red-activismFly Young Red may be a total diva, but that doesn’t make him any less of a dreamboat.

The über sexy Houston rapper sat down with BET’s Clay Cane while he was in New York this week to talk about everything from the viral success of his latest hit “Throw That Boy Pussy” to rumors that he’d been signed to Lil Wayne’s record label, and whether he’ll use his newfound platform for LGBT activism.

He’s everything you wouldn’t expect after watching him beckon a troupe of scantily clad dancers to “sit on his dick” — eloquent, intelligent, and shockingly down-to-Earth.

Red says he had no idea “straight people” would have such an issue with the term “boy pussy.” “I made this for gay clubs,” he said. “I made the video to play in gay clubs.”

On dealing with hate from self-hating gays that think he’s inappropriate:

I’m just doing me. They can put as many labels on it as they want, but I just did what I wanted you to see. The song came out in October, and when they would play the song in Dallas, or when I would perform, everyone would be so shocked to see a gay rapper that nobody would dance. I wanted to show people dancing to the song [in the video], so that when you play it in the club everybody’s cutting up and going crazy. That’s what the song was supposed to be.

On his video being called “misogynistic”:

I mean, it might be. I was just doing a song to show people that you should be dancing to this instead of standing in awe of a gay person [rapping]. It’s a feel-good song.

On whether he thinks he’s an activist: 

I think Laverne Cox said it best — she said that she is a model of possibility, and that’s what I want to be. I’m not necessarily saying that I’m going to be an activist, but when I do have people’s ear, I’m going to tell them that we need to get tested; tell them that we need to do better because a lot of gay black males don’t even live to see 30. I’ve had friends that are [now] dead just because they were engaging in risky behavior and risky activity. If you tell somebody that they’re nothing and that they’re less than a human being, and you don’t make them feel proud about themselves, they’ll be more likely to engage in risky activity.

I know that “Throw That Boy Pussy” isn’t the most politically correct term, but it’s just a feel-good song, and now we have something of our own, and it’s going in a different direction. Now that I’ve got their ear, I’m gonna talk about all kind of different things. Maybe I might turn into an activist.

If you feel some type of way because you’re gay or you’re being shunned or you’re being put out, look at me. Don’t be like me, be better than me. Don’t let being gay stop you.

On portraying feminine men in a positive light:

Yes I am [attracted to feminine guys], very much so. I’m attracted to feminine guys or sometimes masculine guys. It’s about the person, it’s about what they have going for themselves, their conversation, the connection. And that’s what I wanted to show. Feminine guys get bottles thrown at them, and they give me a pass because I look masculine — I’m not putting [feminine guys] on a pedestal, but I want them to be a part of this just like I am. When I do this, I do this for all types of gay males that like hip-hop.

On whether he throws his own boy pussy:

Nah, I like to watch it, ya know?

Check out the full interview below:

In a separate interview, Red reveals the reason why everyone believed he’d been signed to Lil Wayne’s record label. “It started out on a satire website,” he says:

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  • Mezaien

    Fly, yours forever! do whatever you want as like I say before tell them all to “suck eggs” you hot sexy and sweet.

  • Lvng1tor

    While the term “boy pussy” I find personally repulsive I think that it’s great how out, visible and unapologetic he is. It’s a bold and needed move. Good for him.

  • redcarpet

    I think his video would have been better with a bunch of Andrew-Christian-esq models getting freaky. Maybe he’ll come out with a new video with higher production values.

  • Phraja

    @redcarpet: YES exacly if he would put more professional models in his videos hed be good. Those men also dace way better

  • Merv

    It takes a lot of strength to do what he’s doing, considering the ugly attacks he’s facing.

  • hotshot70

    anyone remember Gangsta F*g?

  • litper

    Another trans activist trying to force effeminacy on gay men.

  • Blackceo

    Don’t care for the term “boy pussy” but wish this guy much success. There needs to be more mainstream images of the diversity in the gay community other than the usual Aberzombie images shown.

  • neosoulsea

    @redcarpet: on one hand i understand what your saying, but this guy is an independent artist who’s most likely putting his own money into production. AC models and guys who look like them(who are mostly porn stars and escorts who charge by the hour) cost money this up and comer probably doesn’t have yet. These dancers are his friends and kids he knows and I think it has a cool down to earth vibe. Everybody has to start somewhere.

  • Blackceo


    Last I checked Andrew Christian models are all white (oh wait…except that token one recently) so you want this hardcore black rapper singing about throwing boy pussy to throw in some Andrew Christian-esque type models in there?!! Ummmm…NO!! That is exactly what he DOESN’T need to do!!

  • DerekR

    @litper: God you’re an idiot! Your tired, broken record schtik is so played out……..
    Please eat some glass .

  • DerekR

    @Blackceo: AMEN!

  • litper

    @DerekR: please eat some pussy if you like effeminacy so much

  • Sebizzar

    I have so much more respect for him :) Agreed with everything he said!

  • Sebizzar

    @Blackceo: Exactly! I am glad he didn’t go for typical AndrewChristian-like guys, I mean come on don’t we see enough of that in pretty much all gay media? It’s beyond overrated. Plus, like he said over and over, he’s just doing him. He’s not going to conform to what people want him to like or do, that’s what I love about him.


    The guys got depth, and putting to one side this shallow but fun party song — which is nonetheless important by virtue of its disarming frankness — he clearly evinces intimations of genuine creative talent too (check out his SoundCloud). All he lacks (desperately) is a good producer.

  • bottom72

    Thank you sweetheart for saying such positive things about us men who are effeminate. It is so nice to be recognized in a positive light instead of being put down in both the gay and straight community.

    Big hugs for you honey.

  • litper

    @bottom72: “men” and “effeminate” don’t mix

  • bottom72


    They so do sweetheart

  • litper

    @bottom72: dumb trans propaganda

  • Black Pegasus

    @Blackceo: I agree with your first comment. I wasn’t crazy about the term “boy pussy” either, but I was smart enough to see what the young man was trying to accomplish with such a song (and video). What I love most is the panic the song has stirred among straight people lol…Luv it! Luv it!

    I wish lil dude all the success he can handle.

  • JennyFromdabloc

    The song is a fad like a lot of club records but Red makes good points. Clay Cane is a really sharp guy and good journalist. I used to listen to his radio show here in New York on a regular basis.

  • tricky ricky

    well, at least we know, going by the “lyrics”, he isn’t just a trade top.

  • redcarpet

    @Blackceo: I knew someone was going to throw that in my face. It’s why I added -esque, I guess I should have been clearer. They didn’t need to be white, just better bodies.

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