Focus Hoping To Inject Anti-Gay Agenda Into Library Stacks

Focus On The Family sure has been busy!

In addition to “predicting” a rampantly gay America under Barack Obama, the right-wing group has launched an initiative to infiltrate public schools.

From the ever-homophobic OneNewsNow:

Focus on the Family is conducting a project in Virginia, using students to try to get the Christian perspective on homosexuality into school libraries.

Candi Cushman, the program’s educational analyst, heads the project and explains that the Christian view of homosexuality is not being represented in any of the school’s libraries that have been contacted thus far by the students.

“What we’re seeing is [that] homosexuality is being promoted more and more in public schools, and we’re noticing a direct, correlating trend that, as that happens, the Christian or faith-based viewpoint is increasingly being belittled and even openly ridiculed,” she explains.

Wait, wait – this group balks at the mere mention of gay in public schools, yet thinks it can go in there and start talking about same-sex damnation. You can’t have it both ways, kids!