Focus Keeps Up “Predatory” Trans Fight

Continuing their grand tradition of inciting sexual panic, Focus on the Family released this ad in the Colorado Tribune. They’re evidently still pissed off about the state’s trans-inclusive non-discrimination bill.

We can’t quite make out the small print, but can see that it begins “Human decency dictates…” As if these people know anything about human decency – remember that vile radio ad claiming trans folk would prey on small children? Well, they’re at it again with yet another radio ad decrying “sexual predators.”

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  • CitizenGeek

    Isn’t it absurd to say that this will encourage sexual predators? I’m pretty sure a sign denoted “Female” will not stop sexual predators in the least.

    Just more, typical, bigotry and ignorance from the right.

  • Jason

    This truly is a tragedy. As the picture infers, it will no longer be safe for 3 year-old children to use public toilets unattended. What has America come to?

  • mark

    be careful in them bathrooms, creepy old bald republican Senators tap dance in their stalls.

  • Woof

    Mark WINS!

  • Kyler

    Correct me if I’m wrong but small 3 year olds should number

    1.) Be attended when using the bathroom, and
    2.) Often already join their daddy to the men’s bathroom even when bathrooms are marked male/female

    So given this information I will pretend that this ad represents before and after this legislation what a day in the life of a 3 year old girl is like when using public bathrooms.

  • Simon F

    The text reads:

    “Basic human decency demands women and children be protected from sexual prodators. But today in Colorado a young girl can enter any public bathroom not knowing if a sexual predator is inside –

    Colorado legislators just passed, and Governor actuanlly signed 8200, an “any sex/open access” law. Here’s the kicker – Colorado (voters?) can’t vote by referendum to change it!

    This are the Colorado legislators who voted to pass te bill, some of whom campaigns were heavily financed by multimillionaire homosexual philanthropist Tim Gill, a driving force behind the law.

    Are these the kind of laws you want your elected representives making? Are these the individuals you really want representing you in Denver?”

  • Brandon

    I guess Europe must be a continent of sexual predators b/c in my experience gender neutral bathrooms r quite common in many European countries. Crazy the things people get up in arms over in the states.

  • RPCV

    I’d like the guy in the boots to assault me in the t-room……….

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