Focus On The Family Celebrating Annual Tradition of Laying Off Staff

In 2007, some 30 Focus On The Family staffers were let go. In 2008, another 202 people were let go, bringing the workforce to about 950. In 2009, there were at least 75 cuts. In fact, every year since 2005 the hate group has had to dump people from its payroll, and this year is no different.

The recent round of layoffs — which came just as the organization was paying to air a Super Bowl ad — will be followed by another 100, expected to be announced today. Last year’s $6 million budget shortfall (despite cutting the budget from $160 million to $138 million) is again being met by hardship.

Turns out that even new president Jim Daly’s efforts to tone down the vitriol so loved by James Dobson isn’t enough to keep the coffers stuffed.