Focus On The Family Concerned Hollywood Is Making Gay Relationships Look Healthy, Fabulous

With Modern Family‘s gay kiss coming, it was only a matter of time before a newspaper of record updated America on The States of the Gays In Hollywood. That responsibility falls to USA Today‘s Maria Puente, who says, “Hollywood, which once routinely depicted gay people as miserable, dysfunctional or tragic, now produces movies and TV shows — such as this summer’s film The Kids Are All Right, ABC’s Modern Family and Fox’s Glee — in which gay relationships and gay families are portrayed as just like other families — normal, unremarkable, no big deal.” Well, no big deal unless you are trying to stay true to traditional families and Christian beliefs!

Not everybody is so comfortable with this assessment of Hollywood’s gay characters. Namely Focus on the Family’s family studies director Glenn Stanton — who once popped up on Dr. Phil to tell trans kids they’re deranged — who insists: “When actual gay and lesbian weddings are shown on TV (as in news coverage), we win. When they’re shown through the lens and creativity and artifice of Hollywood, we don’t. Hollywood is succeeding, but they’re doing so by not representing reality.”

That’s because the gay relationships you see on television are fake! Made up! Completely divorced from reality! And I have to agree: There’s no way, in real life, that the nelly gay kid from the glee club would score a quarterback.