Focus On The Family Frontman Tim Tebow Doesn’t Want Consumers Thinking About His Package

Oh hey, it’s Tim Tebow’s second national television commercial. His first one, for last year’s Super Bowl, went like this and was all about the great things that happen when you don’t abort babies. His second one, for Jockey, has much less to do with sex — because Tebow, the good Christian, doesn’t want to be seen parading around in his underthings. So it’s just the white tee.

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  • kenny

    Pathetic.These hypocritical holier then thou people are so goddamn annoying. Another thing is I cant get over how ive noticed there are even some gay americans who have defended this douchebag claiming that hes not homophobic just because he did that focus on the family vid against abortion last year.Ummm 3 things 1 his respect for Chuck Norris notoriously anti gay jerkoff 2 his collaboration with focus on the family to begin with and lastly his constant need to express his faith and his beliefs .Yeah definitely homophobe material and anyone who cant see that has blinders on their eyes sadly.

  • Adam

    He’s an idot. Thinking he’s going to do an underwear commercial but doesn’t want gay people to look at his junk. Clearly if he feels that strongly he chose the wrong sponsor. He shoudl be out hawking cars or sprots drinks instead. I hate how he feels about gay people, but that is is right to think that way. Just don’t be a dolt and think you can some how exclude a segement from looking at somehting you are shoving in their faces! Shame on jockey too. Not that it’s a big brand with gay men, but it’s dumb and will age their company. They’ll become the “straight mans” underwear, and in 10 years they will be antiquate and completly irrelevant because of that image.

  • Kev C

    Cool? He looks like a caveman with a bad haircut.

  • Philip

    Not an attractive man. No worries.

  • justiceontherocks

    When you take as many ‘roids as this guy does you don’t want anyone to check out the basket.

    Why people make clowns like this into role models I will never know.

  • Christopher

    “Jockey underwear for bigots.”

  • Joe in Decatur, GA

    Hmmm, so a person with no record of ever making a homophobic statement is tarred and feathered by a paranoid few; can you say prejudice? Why is this site reporting on whether or not a football player is doing advertisements for underwear? What’s gay about that?

  • Adam

    there’s also a Gatorade commercial, so this makes 3 times you might have to see Tim Tebow on your television, which IMHO is 3 times too many.

  • Joshua

    Did I miss something? I don’t see anything from him or his camp about not wanting gays to see him in underwear or anything. What the fetch is everyone talking about. Looks like queerty is just making up shit headlines again.

  • Riker

    Damn, now I guess I have to boycott Jockey too. I’m already not patronizing Target, BestBuy, Walmart, Coors, Lady GaGa, Ricky Martin, Chick-fil-A, and any other business that has ever donated money to a Republican.

  • The sane Francis

    Yeah, there isn’t any gay storyline here. With that said, a lot of people look up to Tim as an All-American Christian conservative white jock athlete, when his views on particular things are, shall we say, maybe not ideal. With that said, he’s said nothing about homosexuality and basically given every indication he simply doesn’t care about the subject, so I’m not going to automatically detest him as being anti-gay unless and until he is officially exposed as homophobic.

  • Mike

    I’m a Bama fan and I’d be the first one to criticize Tim Tebow, but this article puts words in his mouth that he never said. Granted, I don’t think it’d be a stretch that he’d think that way, but until he opens his mouth about it, this is highly presumptuous and — dare I say it (ROLL TIDE!) — unfair to Tebow.

  • Natural Disaster

    Tebow is hot and you “haters” know it. You want him so bad. It’s just that he doesn’t approve of your lifestyle, so you want to make us think that he is disgusting. Religous or not, Tebow is hot!

  • kenny

    @Joe in Decatur, GA:

    Can you say ignorant and blind?People like you need to get a grip and WAKE UP.I am so sick and tired of hypocrites in this community constantly standing up for people like this and making excuses for them.Whoopedy fucking doo he hasnt said anything homophobic YET but its only a matter of time.Just wait he will eventually come up with the same yawn worthy pc response : hate the sin love the sinner bs.

  • Soupy

    I don’t think that he’s hot. I don’t want him. I didn’t watch the video. Does that mean Joe that I represent all gay men?

  • RepubLickin

    @kenny: Wow, Kenny, you seriously need a stiff drink to kill that paranoid bug up your chimney.

  • LabeledHomophobe

    While I’ve seen his preachy anti-abortion stuff….this man has never preached about gays going to hell or just being wrong in general – like so many others have. If you want to say he’s a preachy christian and butting his nose in on a womans right to do to her body as she please……fine but you can’t label him a homophobe when he hasn’t said word one on it. It makes us all sound heterophobic.

  • Idi Amin Dada

    Are any of you queens familiar with ‘Focus on the Family’? They are one of the most rabidly anti-gay groups out there. The fact that he is working on their behalf is reason enough to believe that Tebow is no friend of ours, regardless of what he has or hasn’t said.

  • kenny

    @Idi Amin Dada:

    Thank god someone whos not a smart ass and actually makes sense for a change.Hilarious how you cant even disagree with someones opinion on this site without some arrogant know it alls always putting their 2 cents in lol

  • kenny


    First of all I dont drink secondly I was just expressing my opinion whilst people like you have to act arrogant and act like immature smart alecks.

  • Soupy

    Licking a republican is terribly dangerous and unhealthy. The gay ones never wash their asses.

  • Todd

    My question is: Why in the hell did Jockey pick this pathetic homophobe?

    There are a gazillion good-looking, personable athletes who would be a much better icon for jockey.

  • McMike

    Um, guys, you realize he’s gay, right?

    I never gave it two thoughts until a couple of years ago when he said the reason why he didn’t date women was because of his morals. It was then I realized he was one of us because nowhere in the Bible does it tell us a man shouldn’t date a woman.

    If you do a simple Google search you can find out more. Supposedly he was living with this lover back in G’ville.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist either to figure out if you’re the hottest (ie, most talked about) football player in the world and you do NOT have a girlfriend then there’s a good reason and “morals” is not the reason.

  • Eric

    Doesn’t that mean we have to boycott Jockey now? Queerty, please help, your boycott rules confuse me.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Eric: You can’t buy the undershirt. You can buy the briefs, but not at Target.

  • Brian Moylan

    Parading shirtless is a-okay. Gotta love the contradictory nature of modern society.

  • stnemmoc

    @McMike: Huh? I live in Gainesville and have been a student at UF since 2009, and I have never heard this even as a rumor.

    About the anti-gay stuff, his major ( would make it seem like he has thought about issues like same-sex marriage somewhat. Perhaps gay marriage is more popular than abortion rights, both at UF and most other places, and he is protecting his popularity by advocating only selectively. Or maybe he is a bit conflicted, with his christianity against the research that supports the legitimacy of SSM, so he doesn’t take any side.

    Anyway the campus was somewhat dreary during the fall, since he’s been gone, cause the gators kind of suck at football now. We used to be ranked as the #1 party school in the Princeton Review, but have slipped to #7 and are even closing in on FSU (#11) now. UF has lost so much since he left…

  • Paul F

    Underwear? What’s that? Sounds like some useless stuff someone wants me to buy that I have no use for! ;-)

  • Gerald

    I’d suck him off

  • TheRealAdam

    @Gerald: Off what?

  • Shannon1981

    What the hell made jockey want him to do an ad that isn’t going to get anyone’s attention? Nobody cares about Tebow or anyone else in a plain white tee. Is jockey suddenly trying to appear evangelical friendly by wasting money like this?

  • Shannon1981

    @McMike: Correction. He is not gay. He is a self loathing closeted homosexual who outwardly associated with homophobic people and organizations. He and his antics and associations do not get to have our label.

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