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Focus On The Family Takes Over ‘Day Of Truth’ With Fancy New Name, Same Attack On Gay Kids

Like you, I was getting quite worried there would be nobody to direct parents to remove their children from school on the National Day of Silence, where students are encouraged to keep their lips shut to symbolize all the queer youth who cannot speak up about being victimized by bullies. Since 2005 ex-gay group Exodus International has sponsored the National Day of Truth, a counter “holiday” used to expose the agenda of activist homosexuals — but after all those kids killed themselves because of bullying, Exodus’ chief Alan Chambers decided in October to call off the witch hunt. Luckily fellow hate group Focus on the Family, led by Jim Daly, is prepared to take the reins.

But they’re changing the name! No longer will it be Day Of Truth — NB: remains dormant — but rather Day of Dialogue. (Too bad that name is already in use … to encourage acceptance.)

Great marketing plan, you see, because dialogue brings to mind the idea that there’s an actual conversation taking place here. But that’s a facade. Like every Day Of Truth for the past five years, Day of Dialogue will be a chance for hatemongers to endorse intolerance under the guise of free speech.

“We’re trying to raise awareness that more than one side needs to be heard on the issue of homosexuality, and we’re helping to ensure Christian students have the chance to express their viewpoint,” says FOTF’s Candi Cushman (pictured) in a release. “What is freedom of speech, after all, but a guarantee of the right to have dialogue? Silence is a media op, but dialogue is a learning op. That’s why we’re so proud of the more than 14,000 students who have taken advantage of this opportunity to learn and share.”

Ah yes, the woman who is concerned about LGBT activists turning everything into butt sex, and worried about all the straight kids that gays bully, now wants to have us being a dialogue.

This woman is a monster.