Focus On The Family Trots Out Bible-Quoting Brats In New Playoff Ad

Focus on the Family didn’t put Tim Tebow in its new prime-time NFL ad, but the group made it pretty clear the super-Christian quarterback was on its mind in this Bible-verse-quoting commercial that aired during Saturday’s Broncos-Giants Patriots playoff game.

In it, a group of children take turns spitting out Tebow’s favorite Bible verse, John 3:16. Their commentary has less lisp than Tebow, though:

For God so loved the world, the whole world, everyone—anyone!—That’s a lot of people!—that He gave His one and only son, His only son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have life eternal. Life! Wow!

Whoa! Hold off on these revelations for a second, kids—you’re blowing our mind!

Tebow became a favorite of FOTF when he recounted the story of how his mother considered aborting him but thought better of it. (Isn’t that just a lovely and utterly unverifiable anecdote?)

Of course, since the Broncos lost on Saturday, you could say God was on the side of the Giants Pats. You know, the team whose home state legalized gay marriage back in 2004?

Oh snap.