Focus On The Family Willing To Brave CPAC Despite Homosexuals

With NOM, the Family Research Council, and Concerned Women For America among the groups boycotting the 2011 CPAC circle jerk over GOProud’s continued (hilarious) sponsorship, I sorta just figured Jim Daly’s Focus On The Family — scourge of television homosexuals everywhere — wouldn’t be showing up either. But I wuz wrong! CitizenLink, the propaganda arm of FOTF, will be there next month even though it’s expressing “unhappiness” at GOProud’s involvement. And warning that next year, it might not be so flexible: “We’re not happy about it,” says CitizenLink spokesman Tom Minnery. “We’ve got to see a better result next year or our participation is in doubt. … We’re encouraged to stick it out this year. It’s important for organizations like ours, for social conservatives, to be involved in the conversation.” Also, with the conference running from Feb. 10-12, FOTF doesn’t want to miss its chance to find a same-sex Valentine.

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  • GetBalance

    Wise move. It’s rarely productive to take your ball and go home, even if all you do is sit on it and spin.

  • Franky

    Expect a Ryan Sorba situation from someone in this group.

  • Jeffree

    I’m against everything FotF stands for, but I agree that if they want to be the voice of their “movement” [because they’re competing with NOM, FRC & CWfA for hearts, minds & $$] then they need to be part of the CPAC conversation.

    Plus, the rentbo.ys need the extra business they’ll get from FotF attendees !

  • adman

    Attention tabloid employees: report to CPAC immediately, come prepared to document who is handling who’s luggage. Thank you, carry on. (no pun intended).

  • Jeff K.

    Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death… *eyeroll*

  • Ari

    I wonder if he’s any relation to Steve Fielding, (ex) Senator for Victoria, they look similar and like douchbag politics.

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