Focus on the Family Would Love to See You + Your Gay Spouse Win a Trip to Its Marriage Conference!

While Focus on the Family is getting scores of attention for its anti-abortion Super Bowl ad, you might not be aware the organization is also getting its spirits up about Valentine’s Day, and has launched a “Why I Want to Grow Old With You” contest, inviting members to share love letters written to their spouses. Which is great, because blogger Hemant Mehta read through all the contest’s rules, and it says nothing about prohibiting gay spouses form entering!

And the winner scores a trip to FOTF’s “Focus on Marriage” conference later this month, in Colorado Springs, with hotel stay comp’d, and a private dinner with the conference’s organizers. Wow-ee, do we want to go!

Except Mehta might have already beaten us to it, with the brilliant scheme of using unisex names.

Dear Chris,

I fell in love the moment I first laid eyes on you. It was during a meeting of the college group we both belonged to. We spent that first day together discussing the Bible, God, and Christianity and haven’t stopped ever since.

I want to grow old with you.